Saturday, May 10, 2014

SST(Tim Krog)-The Boogey Man Soundtrack- 1980 Essential Synth Horror

  Essential Private Press Horror soundtrack by Synth Sound Trax Corp.  I always saw this credited to Tim Krog but the back has 3 people credited, Tim Krog, Jan Bartlett & Ed Christiano.  I just recently watched this movie and it wasn't about a boogey man, at least not how I think of a boogey man, but more a weird paranormal possession movie involving mirrors as the medium.  The soundtrack to me outshines the movie with the second version of the title track just killing it.  There are so many great 80's horror synth themes but this one might be the best. It starts off strong with the john carpenter piano run but then goes where I wish all John Carpenter stuff went (Melodic and Pop) haha.  Then to truly destroy, it does a bad ass backwards synth part that you can tell they just flipped by experiment.  I haven't heard anything else by SST but if it's half as good as this I can't wait.  This is hand numbered 348 out of 1000 and I've seen this thing sell for hundreds of dollars and some people actually try to get over a grand for it,hahaha but if you wait it out, you can score it for a decent price.  A true cult OST, enjoy from my personal collection ripped @320K. Thanks, Chris Tillotson               GET IT HERE!