Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I'm Going To Set Myself On Fire - "Challenge Of The Salt" OST- Charles Bernstein 1973 Private Press Killer Documentary Soundtrack!

       Honestly I'd never heard anything about this record until I heard a clip on the excellent Boxes of Toys bog.  I luckily was able to track down a copy and surprisingly it's from my hometown of Los Angeles, well Hollywood to be exact.  I still wonder if there's any of these floating around some Hollywood thrift store or something, haha.  It seems to be super obscure, no discogs info and just one lonely copy on ebay for some insane price.  So it doesn't just drift into unheard obscurity I decided to share a rip.
   The only other records I have from Charles Bernstein are some "Nightmare On Elm Street" soundtracks which are obviously recorded much later than this one, which he recorded under the name, I'm Going To Set Myself On Fire, which is just awesome.  The record came out on some label called MVC, which I think might be the first and maybe only release from this private press company.  Mostly what we get is incredibly funky and soulful jams with vocal and instrumental versions.  The standout is definitely, "Raceway" which just sucked me in right away, what he accomplishes in 2 minutes is astounding.  Great songwriting and killer breaks if that's what you are into.  Usually vocals are a turn off for me but I really dig, "White Salt" and if you don't like them, well hey there's an instrumental version too, yay! "Here We Are" is really great as well and there's many other moments that are completely jam worthy.  So check it out and I hope y'all can find copys at some point,everything pops up eventually!
Here it is ripped from my personal collection at 320K.  Chris Tillotson        GET IT!