Monday, June 22, 2015

Matt Rosa Rendezvous Intergalactic DJ Set! 6/12/2015

Check out my good buddy, Matt Rosa's live set recorded from original vinyl to cassette at Rendezvous.  Cosmic Disco and Beyond!!!!!!!  Also check out the trailer for this months theme by our man Jim Branscome!  The extended ALF rockout scenes were a highlight for me, haha! If you is in the Los Angeles area cruise down.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Joe Spitfire Nicosia & Co. "Discobra" 45 on Fonit Cetra Italian Jeans Advertisment Thingy Super Rad Disco Funk!

     Good god this is heavy.  Definitely all about the B side, "Cobra Sound"  Right off the bat, those drums, heavy compression and phasing I'm guessing.  The song progresses into an incredibly melodic middle section.  It's just one of those fun songs I can listen to over and over.  Not to leave out the A side "Il GrandeTentatore" While kinda harsh on the ears, the track is very psychedelic and fun with lots of studio trickery and dope guitar shredding.  I believe this an advertisement record realeased to promote Italian Jeans company, Cobra Jeans in probably the 70's.  Enjoy @320K my rip.     GET IT HERE!      Chris Tillotson