Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Loulou Legrand "Pop Rhythms" Homere HO 5008 197? Rip @320K Happy Birthday LMT!

  Very rare release on the ultra obscure french label Homere, just try to google it.  This is the kind of library record cover you want to find when digging, from the psychedelic font to the words Pop Rhythms how could you not be intrigued.  Every song predominantly features an accordion organ I believe, crazy drums and fuzz wah guitar.  Side B is where it's at on this one, almost every song is killer, especially "Le Grande Sorcier", the best psychedelic accordion jam I've heard, haha. My other Fav is "Pour Vous", those chord changes and laid back grooves are so bad ass.  I think with more exposure this record could become somewhat of a grail so if you happen to find it, don't sleep!  I would also like to thank(understatement) all the wonderful people at my favourite forum, LMT for all the amazing tunes I've been turned onto, this share is dedicated to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  From my personal collection ripped @320K. Enjoy!  GET IT HERE!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dia Prometido "Un Pais Llamado Tierra" Philips 1973 Rip @320K Incredible Oriental Psych Grail!

   Wow what a find!  So hard to get your hands on a copy of Dia Prometido's third record.  It's such a progression from their first.  Here you have crazy funk hits, psychedelic spoken word and Ennio Morricone epicness.  I almost sh*t my pants the first time I heard this, don't mistake this for a folk record, it is a total full band masterpiece! "Hey Al-Lah" could be the first track on a Finders Keepers Comp, with it's pumped up vox and that dulcimer break, oooh sh*t!  "Patrulla Casaca" is simply amazing, makes me think if Italians scored the movie Conan the Barbarian.  This guy could set you back $200 to $300 bucks but it is ever so worth it.  From my personal collection rip @320K Enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment! Thanks Chris Tillotson   GET IT HERE!
Preview 2 tracks "Hey Al-Lah" & "Patrulla Casaca"

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dia Prometido "Dia Prometido" Philips 1971 Rip @320K Essential Oriental Groove!

   One of my favourite new discoveries!  Dia Prometido was a collaboration between Chilean guitarist, Javier Navarro and Iranian percussionist, Guillermo Polo.  This is the original Spanish pressing on Philips label from 1971.  There was also an Iranian pressing with a different track list.  What we have here are a bunch of cover songs featuring a Dulcimer, but these are the dopest versions of these songs I have ever heard.  I absolutely love every track, so heavy!  I've included the best track from the Iranian pressing,"Hava Nagila" because it is just too essential to leave out. Somehow none of there albums have been reissued just yet so you'll have to dish out the dough for an original and expensive and rare they are indeed.  All you library nuts, do not pass this up, just listen to the undeniable mozart cover,"Sinfonia No.40 En Sol Menor K.550" or the beautiful groove of,"Concierto Para Una Voz".  So please enjoy another oriental treat from my personal collection, ripped @320K and don't forget to leave a comment!               GET IT HERE!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hiromasa Suzuki "Umi No Triton" OST Nippon Columbia CQ-7027 1979 RIP@320K Fuzzy Funky Grail!

    Wow this thing shreds!  This is the record every seems to want from anime and for good reason, fuzz, funk and dope breaks.  The TV show aired from 1971 to 1972 but IMDB credits a movie from 1979.  I don't know if this music was made for the series or just the later movie.  The record is dated 1979 but these BGM records were known to come out long after the series aired.  That is the most ridiculous cover art too, I wonder how many people passed on this record thinking it was just a weak kiddy record.  This ain't no little kid music, no, this dolphin ridin boy loves his acid and heavy beats of course.  So enjoy this holy grail from my personal collection and please leave a comment.  Rip @320K       Thanks, Chris Tillotson

Preview 2 tracks Here

Monday, November 18, 2013

R.Barberis & Cincinnato "Musica In Penombra" Usignolo Fonit Cera 1981 Rip @320K

  Is it possible to feel as awesome as the girl on this cover does?  Unless you got some heavy drugs listening to, "Why Not?" off this record will get you there.  Another maximum rare library record from Usignolo Fonit Cera here.  This one is also by Cincinnato, possibly the italian prog band.  One thing you should know about Italian composers is, their musicianship is so top notch, whether it be, Psych Funk or Classical.  This one is Jazz Classical and it blows my mind, yeah there aren't any drums, fuzz or moog but the piano and strings are so timeless, there's no way of telling if this was made in 1960 or 1981.  It's a double plus that these records were made the same time I was,1980, I wonder if they could imagine someone talking about them on the internet 33 years later haha.   The pieces, "Why Not?" "Insieme" and "Smarrimento" inspire me greatly and I hope they do you as well.  So please enjoy this rare gem from my personal collection @320K and don't forget to leave a comment,  I love you Cincinnato!  Thanks, Chris Tillotson
GET IT HERE! Updated Link 11/19/2013
Preview 2 songs: "Why Not" & "Insieme"

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cincinnato "Atmosfere E Sensazioni" Usignolo UST 334 1980 Rip @320K Rare Italian Library!

  I've only heard about 6 records from the italian library label, Usignolo.  Needless to say they are incredibly rare.  There was a progressive rock group called Cincinnato from around this same time, I don't know if they are the ones behind this record or if it was another group with the same name. This record is not progressive rock at all though, here you have beautiful solo instrument pieces sounding almost like Eric Satie arrangements.   First five songs are solo classical guitar pieces remarkably played by Roberto Magri then the rest of side A is solo Hammond Organ with a very dark horror movie mood.  Side 2 starts with 4 songs of Harmonium and lastly a few songs consisting of a duet of Clarinet and piano.  Even though these are solo instrument pieces, the song writing is top notch and can and hopefully will send you to faraway psychedelic lands.  So please enjoy my rip @320K from my personal collection and don't forget to leave a comment!
Thanks, Chris Tillotson                       GET IT HERE!

Preview 2 songs: S.Ta Cruz & Profumo Di Parigi

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Peter Thomas Best-Compiled By Starving Daughters- 51 songs of utter brilliance

      Here is a compilation of Peter Thomas with some Sten Clift stuff too, that I made.  Most of the tracks are from the Sound Music Albums I already posted and his soundtracks for "Raumpatrouille" & "Chariots of The Gods".  I always like to make these for myself simply for a consistent pleasurable listen.  I hope you enjoy it and please leave comments!          GET IT HERE!
Track List is as follows: Song Title/Album Title

1.Astral Snow/Sound Music Album 5                            27.Union Beat/Sound Music Album 3
2.Bolero On The Moon Rocks/Raumpatrouille               28.Wings/Sound Music Album 5
3.Documentation/Sound Music Album 3                        29.Phasing Violins/Sound Music Album 6 4.Dark Natur A/Sound Music Album 7                          30.Screws/Sound Music Album 4
5.Mars Close Up/Orion 2000                                        31.Pulsation A/Sound Music Album 7
6.Dromedar Called Itzenplitz/Sound Music Album 6       32.Space Patrol/Raumpatrouille
7.Sound Colours A/Sound Music Album 7                     33.Spindle/Sound Music Album 5
8.Science Warefare/Sound Music Album 4                    34.Speed Boats/Sound Music Album 4
9.Returning To The Stars/Chariots Of The Gods            35.Neutron/Sound Music Album 2
10.Coordinates Meeting/Sound Music Album 5              36.Onanirato/Sound Music Album 6         11.Easy Action/Sound Music Album 7                           37.Silver Drops/Sound Music Album 3
12.Two Is More Than One/Sound Music Album 6         38.Hedono/Orion 2000
13.Schizostrings/Sound Music Album 4                         39.Electric Cats/Sound Music Album 5
14.Alien Lands/Sound Music Album 2                           40.Espionage Under Water/Sound Music2
15.To Fly The Canyon/Sound Music Album 3               41.Stop Press/Sound Music Album 3
16.Meeting Palermo/Orion 2000                                    42.Orion 2000/Raumpatrouille
17.The Murderer Approaches/Sound Music Album 4      43.Evening Air A/Sound Music Album 7
18.Apartmenthouse/Sound Music Album 6                     44.Hektography 1/Sound Music Album 4
19.Stars And Rockets/Chariots Of The Gods                  45.Departure/Sound Music Album 3
20.Corruption/Sound Music Album 2                             46.Flirtation/Sound Music Album 6
21.Action Starts/Sound Music Album 4                          47.Flash Point/Orion 2000
22.Transcendant Flower/Sound Music Album 6              48.Building Site/Sound Music Album 4
23.Lazer/Sound Music Album 5                                     49.Lancet Bossa Nova/Raumpatrouille
24.March Of  The Marsmen/Sound Music Album 6         50.Malaparte Sinus/Orion 2000
25.Critisism Of Our Time/Sound Music Album 4             51.Evarella 2073/Sound Music Album 5
26.Under Control/Orion 2000

Peter Thomas "Orion 2000" 1975 Golden Ring- 2011 Roundtable rip @256K

     Recorded in 1970 by Thomas & his Sound Orchestra, this outer space freak beat session was never released until 1975, by Golden Ring.  So many styles and elements were incorporated into these library tracks, from spy jazz to space age big band.  Truly an amazing record!  This is the 2011 "Rountable" reissue,  which if you don't already know is an amazing reissue label specializing in obscure library and soundtrack records.  So enjoy this rip @256K from my personal collection and go buy the reissue!   GET IT HERE!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peter Thomas "Sound Music Album 6" Golden Ring 1973? Rip@320K Fuzzy Funky Freakout!

    These are the kind of library records I always hope to find!  I like to think of 5&6 like Peter Thomas's lost weekend or something.  Just experimenting with friends all wasted with the tape machine running.  Tons of synth, probably the Tho-Wi-Phon he invented, wobbly bass, and the most amazing octave fuzz guitar tone.  Many of the tracks remind me of the Krautrock bands of the time like Guru Guru or Can.  I don't know if all of these came in a generic sound music jacket but this one did, and there is no date printed anywhere.  If 5 came out in 1973 and 7 came out in 1975, I would assume this one came out in 1973 cause the style is almost the same as 5.  Unfortunately I do not own a personal copy of Sound Music Album 5, thus I will not post it.  There are plenty of rips floating around the net though, and if you do a little search I'm sure you will find it, and please do, because that one is a true psych masterpiece.  So enjoy this fresh rip @320K from my personal collection and don't forget to leave a comment!  Thanks, Chris Tillotson
      GET IT HERE!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peter Thomas "Sound Music Album 7" Golden Ring 1975 Rip @320K

   Another awesome Sound Music Album from Peter Thomas.  Many dope jams on this, ranging from dark heavy grooves, to a goofy Charlie Brown type song.  His style is definitely more straight forward and focused here than 5&6, but is a welcome direction I think.  The album starts off super strong with, "Dark Natur", with its heavy piano stabs, saw wave sweeps, and incredible bass riffs.  The feel good grooves of, "Sound Colours" is another standout, I could listen to that style all day.  Most of the songs have 2 versions with slight variations and mixes.  So enjoy another Sound Music Album ripped from my personal collection @320K & don't forget to leave a comment!  Thanks Chris Tillotson    GET IT HERE!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Peter Thomas "Sound Music Album 4" Golden Ring 1973 Rip @320K

  One of my favourite Peter Thomas records, this is where I think he just really decided to do whatever he wanted, a definite bridge from 1,2,3 to 5 and 6.   It might be my favourite unlistenable record to listen to, ha ha.  The music is still jazz band based, instead of fuzz and synth (Sound Music 5 & 6) but the structures are so disorienting and fresh.  When me and my friends were jamming this for the first time, one guy said, this is the best shit I've heard, while someone else said, he couldn't stand it.  So I guess it's a love it or hate it record, regardless it's definitely worth your time.  Enjoy from my personal collection rip@320K and please don't forget to leave a comment.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson     Update:First rip had "Schizostrings" cut off, the link has been updated with full version of schizostrings, sorry for my mistake  11/15/2013       GET IT HERE!

Peter Thomas & Sten Clift "Sound Music Album 3" Golden Ring 1973 Rip @320K

     Continuing on with Golden Ring, another awesome record by Thomas & Clift.  Described as a backdrop for "City Traffic"  many of the songs on side 1 depict a jazzy bewilderment of being in a big city for the first time.  Side 2 starts with "Stop Press" and things turn psychotic and murdurous with dark spy jazz.  Standouts for me are, "Documentation" with its incredible drumming and "To Fly The Canyon" with its beautiful recording.  So enjoy this from my personal collection and leave comments if you dig. Thanks, Chris Tillotson                  GET IT HERE!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Peter Thomas & Sten Clift "Sound Music Album No.2" Golden Ring 1973 Rip @320K

      Great early library record from Peter Thomas & Sten Clift on the obscure German label, Golden Ring.  Peter Thomas pretty much dominated the early Sound Music Albums and I'm glad for it, everything from space age spy jazz to psych funk.  This one sticks mostly to the jazz side, with incredible drumming, muted bass and brass but does get pretty out there on side 2.  The drumming is the standout for me, similar to Hansson & Karlsson recordings or UK band, Broadcast.  The beautiful, "Alien Lands" or the psychotic, "Corruption" are definite standouts but I can't forget the outer space explorations of, "Galaxy Fall Out."  So please enjoy this from my personal collection @320K and don't forget to leave a comment.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson         GET IT HERE!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chimei Watanabe "Battle Fever J" OST 1979 Columbia CX-7183 Anime Funk Grail!

Highly sought after japanese record here from Chimei Watanabe. Nothing too weird, just great funk music! Endless beats and stabs perfectly on point.  Battle Fever J was the third entry in the "Super Sentai" series franchise, which aired from 1979 to 1980 and is very similiar to the power rangers or something.  They might have battle fever but this gives me dance fever and that cover, yes! So enjoy another from my personal collection @320K and don't forget to leave a comment, if you dig. Chris Tillotson                   GET IT HERE!