Monday, December 23, 2013

Wolfram Brunke(Gary Pacific) "Jubel Trubel Heiserkeit" Bayer 0666 246 1973 Merry Christmas!

   So for my last post of the year, I'm gonna share the best record I discovered this year.  Just absolute perfection, this private press advertisement record from the German chemical company Bayer is beyond amazing.  At least one of the songs, "Stop Your Fever" was released on the Bosworth Library, "BLP 135 Movement In Rhythm" under the title "Knitting".  And for some strange reason every other jam is an instrumental Beatles cover but the Beatles are my favorite band so that's cool with me. AAH, Holy shit the production is amazing as well, I don't know how they got that sax sound, mind blowing!  So this holiday season when my family asks me if I saw the season finale of "The Voice" cause they know I like music and all and I tell them, "Well right now I'm kinda more into Funky German Advertisement Records" and they respond like I'm a maniac, you guys will know what I'm talking about. HA HA!  So I'll catch you guys on the new year and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and all that other bullshit.  Enjoy @320K Chris

Go Misawa "Devilman" OST- Nippon Columbia CX-7088 1972 FUzzed Out Anime Grail!

  Totally psyched out Anime record by Go Misawa and my favorite cover art from the series.  All the dope elements are here, creepy fuzz, funky drums, and super drugged out production.  So many great jams it's pretty unbelievable.  And yes this one is pretty damn rare and pricey too,blah blah blah.  And please someone give this devilbro a bandaid, he's bleeding for godsakes!  From my personal collection ripped @320K  Merry Christmas!  Thanks for tuning in, Chris Tillotson

Monday, December 16, 2013

Maloe "All That Music" RRL25026 Riddle Records 197? Rare Italian Library!

  Has anyone ever heard of Riddle Records before?  Yet another weird obscure Italian Library Record by Maloe.  What year this was made, who Maloe is and who decided on this vague ass title, you got me. The record cover art does resemble Giuliano Sorgini's "Percussioni In Crescendo" on Leo Records, maybe Riddle has something to do with Leo.   This record does have one very dope jam, "Jungle Safari" with it's dope ass beat and aggressive fluting, and that shredding guitar solo in the middle is also pretty necessary.  Also check "Yucatan" which sounds like Led Zeppelin at there cheeriest, haha.  So enjoy from my personal collection ripped @320K.  Comments are appreciated, Thanks, Chris Tillotson.    GET IT HERE!

Vladimir Cosma "Musique Dramatique Et Nostalgique" Patchwork Orchestra 3-1972 Essential Library!

  Unbelievable work here by Vladimir Cosma & Michel Berholc on this early Patchwork Library record.  Fuzz Guitar, Jazz Drums, and Brass all done in a dark spy chase vibe.  There are also some very beautiful moments here like the breezy, " Avec Un Certain Sourire".  Cosma's style has always reminded me heavily of Francois De Roubaix who happens to be one of my favorites so of course I like him a lot.   This record needs to be heard in its entirety and it's probably the best thing I've heard from Cosma.  So check the soundclips and enjoy from my personal collection ripped @320K.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson               GET IT HERE!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Autumn Breeze "Hostbris" 1979 BJ Records OR-L26 Swedish Psych Prog Classic!

   Amazing record and one that is very special to me.  Privately pressed in a very small run of supposedly only 500 copies and I wonder how many of those copies still exist.  The musicianship seems pretty amateur for a prog band of that time yet gives it so much character and personality, I can just imagine a bunch of swedish teenage stoners jamming out in their parents basement until their mom tells em to turn that shit down.  Despite the low budget production, these guys were certainly not messing around, the ideas and song structures are very interesting and melodic.  Unlike many progressive records, Hostbris is surprisingly appealing and easy to listen to, kind of like a Pink Floyd Record.  Freshly ripped @320K from my personal collection, enjoy!  Thanks,Chris Tillotson           GET IT HERE!

Monday, December 9, 2013

"Weighty & Solid and Heavy & Light" Harmonic Music Library -CBO 665 "1973" Psych Library Masterpiece!

   Yes!!!! just got this today and it is quite the library.  I've heard very few Harmonic records but now I want to hear them all, HA HA.  Almost the whole record is killer, fuzz guitar, funk drums, experimental psych and perfect early 70's production!  Midway through "In Calcutta" I knew I had made a good choice picking this up.  "Hell For Leather" is just insane, makes me want to bust out the Fuzz Factory guitar pedal and get crankin and "Defloration II" is just brilliant, one of the best songs I've heard in a while!  I don't know if this record has been shared before or if it's holy grail status but it is to me and I just had to share it.  From my personal collection @320K enjoy! Thanks, Chris Tillotson                  GET IT HERE!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Yuji Ohno "Catain Future" OST Columbia CQ-7028 1979 ripped @320K Cosmic Jazz Funk Anime Grail!

  Yuji Ohno is probably best known for his many amazing Lupin III soundtracks.  Many people consider this record to be his finest moment though.  Total cosmic jazz funk here reminding me of Piero Piccioni's sound in the late 70's and early 80's.  The only difference is the outer space synth passages that are totally stoned out and other worldy.  My favorite jam from this soundtrack is not even on this record which is crazy, how did it not make the cut! But I have included it as a bonus song in the folder.  This record is one of the rarest anime records out there and can fetch very high prices.  It can definitely take you to outer space lands so I hope you let it.  From my personal collection ripped @320K, enjoy!  Thanks, Chris Tillotson              GET IT HERE!

Isao Tomita "Catastrophe 1999" OST 7'' 1974 Toho AT-1069 Ripped@320K Epic Space Funk Masterpiece!

   Here is the 7 in. version of the soundtrack for "Catastrophe 1999"  the 2 songs on here are shorter versions of the incredibly long versions found on the full length.  Side A is so killer and definitely a favorite for me, it has everything I want in music, from the eerie cosmic vibe ,acid drenched chorus, to the epic mood shifts.  And just when you think it can't get any better a nice wah guitar solo kicks in.  Side B is also a very solid jam reminding me of Italian soundtracks of the time.  The movie, also known as "Prophecies Of Nostradamus" is a sci-fi, horror movie about the end of the world and was considered a very controversial movie at the time due to its depiction of nuclear survivors as humanoid freaks.  The 12 in version and this version are very rare and very different from each other, I myself still need to track down the full length, but in the meantime please enjoy this from my personal collection and ripped @320K.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Luis Bacalov & Osanna "Preludio Tema Variazioni Canzona" Fonit LPX 14-1972- Heavy Psych OST Classic!

    Here it is friends,  One of if not the heaviest soundtracks of all time and one of my personal faves. Collaboration between Italian progressive rock band Osanna and Luis Bacalov.  Made as the soundtrack to the movie "Milano Calibro 9" in 1972, this over the top shred fest plays more like the finest psych record you can make!  My jaw still hits the floor whenever I listen to the first track "Preludio"  The first 2 tracks are composed by Bacalov then Variazioni I-VII are by Osanna.  The final track,"There Will Be Time" has some cheesy prog vocals but I oh so love them, "Ohoo Howww many days, how many lives but THERE WILL BE TIME"  Do yourself a favor and make some time for heavy psych soundtracks.  Original Italian pressing on Fonit, from my personal collection ripped @320K.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson              GET IT HERE!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Luis Bacalov "The Summertime Killer" OST-1973-Seven Seas FML 6 Vinyl Rip @320K

   Killer Japanese only pressing of this Italian soundtrack.  If you haven't heard the behemoth that is, "The Summertime Killer" damn you are in for one heavy treat!  By far my favourite Bacalov song, everything about that song is a 10 from the acoustic guitar riff to the insane drumming.  Calibro 35 does a nice cover of this jam but is just impossible to match the raw intensity of this original recording with modern techniques.  I grew up on psychedelic classic rock so all these heavy psych songs really get me excited!  "The Motorcycle Circus" is another heavy hitter in the same vein but the rest of the record is pretty whatever unfortunately.  So enjoy this rare psych classic from my personal collection ripped @320K for maximum enjoyment.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson