Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bruno Zambrini "Racconti Di Mare" Television OST - KOLS 1011-RCA 1970 Italian Underwater Masterpiece! MY RIP @320K

    Bruno Zambrini wasn't messing around when he composed this shit, start to finish this record is mindblowing, I still haven't come close to taking in all the sounds it has to offer.  Other big ocean themed soundtrack and librarys include Fabio Fabor's "Aquarium" on Hard, Armando Sciascia's "Sea Fantasy" on Vedette and the legendary "Inner Space" by Sven Libaek as well as a phenomenal mix by Marcellus Wallace called "Our Beautiful World" where he highlights his favorite sounds from this genre as well,jam it here . This record is one of, if not the best one in my snobby opinion.
   First off many people will be most impressed by the insanely badass, "Beat Psichedelico" which I must say is goddamn impressive! To me, this song hits me the same way that Osanna's "Preludio" hits, epic as hell psych featuring heavy beats, orchestration and psych freekouts!  The part changes are just incredible throughout.    Other dark groove oriented jams, are "Recupero Impossible" and "Dramma A Quota 23" The Bossa style jams, which there are many, are just so crisp and beautiful.  The self titled theme is full of Alessandroni styled scat vox, killer organ stabs and honestly the chord changes and patterns remind me of his beautiful styling. "Estasi Sul Mare" uses melody and instrumentation so perfectly.  "Giochi Sul Mare" and "Crociera Verso Il Sud" reminds me of something Rino De Filippi would come up with on his best day.  There are also a couple Experimental jams with the reverb wonderland of, Foreste Di Corallo and "Ebrezza Dei Fondali" which my dogs hate.
     So yeah I think it's good, haha.  Enjoy My Rip @ 320K Chris Tillotson     GET IT HERE!