Friday, July 31, 2015

Ethan Hull & Chris Tillotson DJ Set @ Rendezvous Los Angeles 7/10/2015

So yeah, if you have some free time. Ethan Hull and me did a live dual DJ set on the second Friday of July at Rendezvous in Los Angeles.  Birthdays were had, whiskey was drank and a small bit of Ethan's epic secret stash was played.  Listen!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Alessandro Alessandroni "A Trip Around The World" Stella LPS 6130 1973 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Very Very SPecial record by the Maestro, you just can't mess with this one.   I would guess if you don't have patience for this kind of beauty, you would describe as mostly boring lounge music with 2 decent bangers, for everyone else that gets it, sOme of the most beautiful, inspired and otherworldly things I've ever heard.   Obviously "Beach Party" & "Desert Inn" are completely  insane, yet underrated songs like, "Oceano" & "Love On The Sand" are truly top notch as well as pretty much everything else here,haha.    Of course you have the perfect chill funk beats more focused on snare to kick patterns than roll central, the Italian harps
ichord and the questionable choice for harmonica throughout majority.  Honestly this record more than any other got me used to the harmonica sound besides those essential spaghetti western scores which is another thing.  Just do yourself a favor and don't skip through this one like the ADD world we've become and soak in the crazy shit this man laid down over 40 years ago, or don't, whatever, haha.   Enjoy my rip @320K CHris Tillotson               GET IT HERE!