Monday, July 28, 2014

Claudio Valle & Gianni Fallabrino "Music Line N.1 & N.2" Audial 001 & 002 197? Unknown Italian Library Grail!

One of my favorite librarys ever and ever so essential on the mega obscrue Italian Library, Audial.  I don't know shit about this label except that it contains this double LP full of beautiful beat driven dark prog and baroque style awesomeness!  The first LP is composed by Claudio Valle who I've heard a couple of things from before that are also amazing like his Music Scene release and his Usignolo release.  The second LP is by Gianni Fallabrino and is in very much the same style as Valle's offering.  Pretty much every song starts out mellow followed by epic drum pounding middle sections.  The way Valle lays synth over all his compositions is what sets him apart from other Baroque dudes in my opinion, but you also get all the other goodies, harpsichord, fuzz, and great chord changes.  While there are no obvious bangers on this one, Fallabrino's song on C1 is about as close as it gets to one. If you like these 2 songs then make sure you pick this up next time it hits the market cause all 20 songs are in the same vein and just as good., so enjoy a couple songs of this one.  Trades will be considered of course.  Check Pics, soundclip and youtube.  Thanks Chris

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Claudio Tallino & Alessandro Blonksteiner "Calamo" OST 1976-Aris ANL 4008

   One of my favorite Italian OST's on the incredibly rare label Aris by Claudio Tallino and directed by Alessandro Blonksteiner (Apocalypse Domani).  I guess all of the ANL 4000 series records were soundtracks to soft sex type movies.  Although I have never seen this movie, the trailer makes it out to be an erotic thriller which looks amazing.
    As for the music, it is just filled with everything I'm looking for, it's dark, fuzzy, funky and definitely trippy.  Although every jam is great, there are 3 absolutely incredible jams.  The first one being, "Lone Stepbrother" which just has the most incredible bass lines ever.  Then "Journey To Nowhere",which I broke up into 2 parts here for my listening pleasure, with it's fuzzy freakouts and organ swirls.  "Smoke Gets In Your Head" is just a banger, absolute perfection!  The album ends with the incredible evil prog jam "The End" which I also seperated into 2 parts, with its sinister vocals and fuzz guitars galore.  It's not often this thing comes up on the market so if you find it, jump on it.  Enjoy my rip from my personal collection @320K.
Thanks, Chris                      GET IT HERE!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Vito Tommaso & Green Guitar Group "Mood Food And..." Jubal JUB 4 197? Unknown Italian Library Prog Funk!

 This one is off the mega rare and obscure Italian library label Jubal and it has plenty of dope jams including the dark groover "Black Is Beauty" with its ping ponging electric piano scales followed by an amazing cosmic middle section, AMAZING!  The vibe of the rest is mostly upbeat prog funk with electric guitars and electric piano and pounding drums.  I've only heard soundclips of one other Jubal record, Tastiere which sounded amazing as well.  Enjoy the soundclip of Black Is Beauty!  Chris Tillotson
I've posted a full list of library records I am willing to trade for check it out!