Thursday, June 12, 2014

Piero Piccioni-Lucky Luciano OST-CBS 70130-1973 Dope Ass Gangster Funk!

 This record is just pure gold, just as good as any other Piero Piccioni record grail and that cover is just badass!  I feel like the big difference between soundtracks and library is the recordings are usually just so much better especially these Italian ones.  You get at least 4 jams with dope grooves and great melody and his drums are just incredible as always.  "Magic Of New York", "Conjectures" & "Burning Point" are the highlights for me and the rest are really great jazzy tunes.  You can pick this up for around 50 to 100 bucks maybe cheaper if right place right time.  I'm offering this as free complete download, as like I said before, some for trade but some for free.  So please enjoy my rip from one of my favorite composers at 320K from my personal collection.  Thanks Chris         GET IT HERE!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Michael Maller & M.Chadcar-Blended Melodies-CAM CML 105-1975 CAM &MIC GRAIL!

  So you probably know the genius of Michael Maller from Sweet Melodie on Auvidis but you might not be aware of his true masterpiece, Blended Melodies on CAM and France MIC.  This is the kind of library I wish to find every day, great recording, great funk, great chords and melody and amazing analog synth laid on top.  Almost every track is amazing, 7 of which I put on my library best playlist and I am picky about my library best jams, I can go through 30 De Wolfe's and only put 7 on the list.  I own or heard every France MIC record as well and this one is by far my favorite of all of them.  It's hard to choose a couple to share but "Somebody Came" "Once Life" I feel are my favorites.  The later almost sounding like a Dr.Dre sample or something.
  CAM is my favorite label because not only are there so many gems hiding throughout but they've managed to stay off the blogosphere or soulseek, almost keeping them very sacred.  Every time I buy one and finally put the needle on I am completely surprised, one of the last library companies that hasn't been raided.  Even the worst CAM CML will still cost you 30 bucks just cause of the legend and rarity.  I'll post a picture when I finally get my CAM tatoo on my face, haha.  Enjoy the soundclip and hit me up for trades.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yan Tregger-Freezing Point-MA CO 501 Marignan Records-1972- HOLY GRAIL Funky Psych

   So yeah this is surprisingly my first Yan Tregger post and I guess no better place than to start than with his first record on the megarare Marignan Records.  I know a bunch of you already know how kickass this man is but for those that don't Yan Tregger (Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio) is one of the most funky outer space dudes there ever was.  I really can't think of any other library musician that shreds as hard as him.   Every release is full of pumped up jams as well as interesting musical moods.  I would consider this his second best record, right behind his L'Illustration Musicale effort," The Pop World Of Yan Tregger" but really everything he's done is goddamn brilliant as long as you like to headbang, haha.  I feel like this was his tryout record, like he had to prove himself, that's why he had to release it on Marignan.  After this I'm sure every Library label wanted some Yan Tregger love, which unfortunately didn't mean tons of exposure but certainly more than the average dude. There's so many dope jams on this, even 7 that I included in my Library best playlist.  Bottom line is, you need this shit but unfortunately I can only offer this gem for preview & possible MP3 trade.  Enjoy the soundclip  and refer to this link for information on trading.
     Buy It Here  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Francois De Roubaix-Les Levres Rouges OST-Barclay-1971 My Rip @320K

  I Guarantee anyone that bought this 45 holds it as one of their most cherished records!  No one found this thing in the dollar bin, if you have it, it cause you really wanted it and were willing to do anything for it.  Ever since I heard this, I was on a mission.  Not only is it the best Francois De Roubaix record but it's for a very beautiful Lesbian Vampire Movie, WHAT!!!!  I've heard these songs so many times that I'm too used to them, but when I think back to my first experiences with them, I just remember absolute goosebumps.  Francois De Roubaix is just a soundtrack genius, right up there with Cosma, Vannier.  He is just as gnarly as he is soft and sweet and there are 2 very different periods for his greatness, the acoustic instrument period and then the later electronic period.  I greatly prefer the electronic period except for this record.  I don't think I've ever heard someone try so many things in the course of 2 songs, it's like a mini concept album.  I've taken the luxury of seperating "Les Dunes Ostende" into 5 parts mostly so you can get straight to the dope ass beat at the end of the song.  I've also included the songs in their complete form as well.  One of the reasons I know there's not a GOD is because he wouldn't of allowed such a musical astronaut such as Roubaix to die so young.  I hope you enjoy my rip @320K of course.  Thanks Chris Tillotson       GET IT HERE!