Wednesday, August 13, 2014

L.Afzelius "Pop Spectrum" LPSG 3001 Studio G 1976 Cosmic Psych Classic!

  So yeah here's one of my favorite library's from the British library label, Studio G.  Complete with fantasticly cheesy 70's cover art these 14 songs are just full of great cosmic pop sounds.  L.Afzelius is an alias for Tim Kross who also released a bunch for JW.   For a bit of information of Studio G catalog numbers there are 4 series with 12 releases in each series.  For the most part the best stuff is found on 1 & 2 of each series with the exception of the 4th series which has nice releases throughout.  So enjoy this very fun record from my personal collection ripped at 320K.  Chris     GET IT HERE!   BUY IT HERE!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rendezvous Library And Soundtrack DJ Event Los Angeles California

So for anyone that lives in Los Angeles, you should be aware of this amazing night that goes down every second Friday of the month at the Hyperion Tavern.  Some very important people in the scene have performed here like the Finders Keepers guys and Death Waltz guys and local collectors such as Marcellus Wallace & Heru Avenger.  Everyone involved is very passionate about the music and movies and easily approachable if you want to nerd out on record collecting or whatever.  As you can see from the flyer they even had me come and DJ, someone with zero experience as a DJ, haha.  It usually starts at 9:30 and goes till 2:00 AM with a special guest and resident DJ sets while they screen about 3 to 4 horror and erotica movies from the 70's & 80's.  So come out every month and listen to rare records get spun and suport one of the only nights that recognizes our passion, I'll be there for sure.  Check out the soundcloud channel to hear some great DJ sets
My DJ set should be up in the next couple weeks if you're interested

Picture taken after Marcellus Wallace's amazing set, From Left to Right: Heru Avenger(Local musician,DJ and collector of all things awesome) DJ AM (Musician and american library obsessor) Marcellus Wallace(Do you really need an introduction) Carlos Rossi (Death Waltz Records and horror afficianado) (Me (local record collecting dumbass) DJ Alfonso(the man behind the magic) See you there, Chris Tillotson