Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Scary Spooky Stories" Troll Records 1973 Rip@320K Dope echoplex samples!

This is the most sought after Halloween Record from Troll and I love it.  I used it for samples on the new Starving Daughters record as well as other childrens records.  There are many voices put through tape echo and spooky background music too, very suitable for Halloween Night.  From my personal collection @320K Enjoy! Chris Tillotson  GET IT HERE!

Spooky Sound Effects- Sounds1205- 197? Rip@320K Rarest Halloween Record Ever!

Continuing with my Halloween posts, here is "Spooky Sound Effects".  I've collected a bunch of these old school 70's Halloween records and this here is the rarest.  Privately pressed in my hometown of, Glendale CA in the 70's, it's full of laughing witches, howling wind and theremin explorations.  From my personal collection @320K Enjoy! Chris Tillotson GET IT HERE!

Caravelli "April Orchestra Vol.16" 1977 320K Happy Halloween!

I'm currently on vacation in New Orleans for Halloween and I thought I would take a break to share some Halloween treats for y'all.  Hear is one of my favourite library records, and I think it's the best horror movie soundtrack that never was.  This is as evil sounding as strings, bass and drums can get, so amazing.  Most of you library collectors already know this classic, but for everyone else, get this now.  I like this just as much as any Goblin Or Frizzi soundtrack, maybe more!  From my personal collection, Enjoy@320K Chris Tillotson  GET IT HERE!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Uchuu Keiji Gyaban "Space Sheriff Gaven" 1982 Columbia CX-7072 Essential Anime Funk

So I guess I'll start with this guy.  The thing with these BGM's is, they have around 50 songs on them, which makes them an inconsistent listen but if you dig through them, you will be rewarded.  The stuff on here is crazy good, at least 10 dope jams.  Dark hip-hop beats and electronic sfx galore.  So don't be fooled, this Space Sheriff came to slay.  From my personal collection rip @320K.  Chris Tillotson      GET IT HERE!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Japanese Acid Soaked Anime Funk Music!!!!

For the past year I've been obsessed with Japanese music.  Everything from Anime to police, crime soundtracks.  It seems like Japanese stuff is still pretty obscure, except for "Mystery Kindaichi band", which is currently selling for $400 to $500 mint(Ridiculous!).  But as I'm sure many others know, there are plenty of other killer records that should be in that caliber.  I have collected a shitload of anime records this last year that I plan on posting, to get the english word out on these insane records.  It's funny, I have not seen any of these movies, but I do have some friends that tell me old school anime is where it's at.  So if you pay attention to my blog at all, keep checking the Japanese Label on the right.  and make sure to pick up these forgotten gems. Chris Tillotson

Senay "Benim Olursan" 45' Turkish Psych Masterpiece@320K

Top 5 fav turkish songs, hands down.   First of all, that bass, even compared to the Italian dudes, this bass player is killing it.  What is this bass players deal, he could have dialed it in and collected his studio musician paycheck, but no he's like, "I'm came to destroy and please turn me up in the mix."  If the bass isn't enough for you, the beautiful melodies and psych flourishes should sell you on this masterpiece of music.  There is a tad bit of noise to the recording, but it's a 40 year old record from Turkey what did you expect.  From my personal collection @320K.  Chris Tillotson

Orchester Sunny Lord & Bud Taylor "Europhon ELP 533" Vinyl Rip at 320K

Europhon is a german library label with a little over a hundred releases from the 70's & 80's.  There are so few rips of these records out there, which is a shame cause I wish I could hear more.  This is the only one I own at this time, and it's really awesome.  "Message To You" is my favourite, with it's unique acoustic guitar use, in a heavy funk jam.  There are plenty more here as well.  Hopefully more of these Europhons will surface on the net, until then, enjoy this one.  From my personal collection, ripped at 320K.  Chris Tillotson       GET IT HERE!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Zafer Dilek "Oyun Havalari" 1977 Devir Original Pressing 320K

Oh to be Zafer Dilek, you get to have dope sideburns, smoke turkish cigs, and chill with weird naked babes, and above all else, write some insane music.   This is his third album and it is a bit more pumped up than the previous.   Not much moog here but everything else remains.   Important to note that somehow none of his records have been reissued, so you're only chance at owning these masterpieces is to buy an original, and if you wait it out, can get one for around $100, the second one a bit more than this one.   So check these jams from my personal collection at 320K Enjoy!  Chris Tillotson  GET IT HERE!

Zafer Dilek "Oyun Havalari" 1976 Turkish Psych-Yonca Original Pressing 320K

This is one my favourite turkish records, Zafer Dilek put out 3 records in the 70's and they are all killer.   This, being his second, is filled with all the classic elements, saz, fuzz, bass, moog, drums and funk.  More importantly, it's instrumental, even though I do dig me some crazy turkish vocals, it is nice to have some instrumental tracks, to just groove to.  If you are new to turkish psych, this is a great place to start.  The Orient is calling you from my personal collection at 320K, Enjoy! Chris Tillotson   GET IT HERE!

Paul Bonneau "Preambule Musical Vol.1 & 2" Chappell CHA 011 & 012 320K

I thought I would post these 2 records as well.   I don't think they are bad records, they are actually quite beautiful, but I don't think they go well with the trippy vibe of the other CHA series records.  They are mostly solo or duet orchestral samples of various acoustic instruments.  Vol.2 is my favourite of the 2, reminding me of an underwater exploration soundtrack or something.  Anyways, even if just to complete your mp3 collection check these out from my personal collection at 320K. Enjoy, Chris Tillotson                Get Vol.1 Here!             Get Vol.2 Here!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Gerardo Iacoucci & H. Caiage "L'Aventure" St Germain Des Pres st GDP 116- Italian Psych Holy Grail!

Wow, this library record is quite the shit.  Lots of insane drum beats, fuzz and experimental exploration.  Most of Iacoucci's stuff i've heard, other than this, is more in the experimental psych dept. but this thing is more up my alley.  Just listen to Caiage's "Violence", which is propelled by it's percussion rather than bass lines, which is quite a contrast to most bass busy italian jams.  Iacoucci's, "Le Cap" is just insane when the drums and organ kick in, everthing gets all "phasy", so sick.  "Production Industrielle" might be my favourite song based on oscillating sfx.  So check another grail from my personal collection at 320K. Chris Tillotson      GET IT HERE!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Franco Micalizzi "Stridulum" 1979 Italian Soundtrack Holy Grail Vinyl Rip 320K

This is my favourite Micalizzi record, so heavy,so funky and just so good.  As i was ripping this last night, i was just head banging the entire time, haha.  This horror movie was also known as "The Visitor" and IMDB describes the movie as, "The story of a young girl with telekinetic powers becomes the prize in a fight between forces of God and the Devil." My favourite jam is, "Sadness Theme Second Part," with its smooth jazz guitar melody.  Any description with smooth jazz in it and I would be turned off too, but I seriously can't get enough of it, I even think my band, Starving Daughters will try to cover that song at some point.  "Running Away From Jerzy" is another standout, instantly kicking ass with its scaling strings,space out efx,and ripping drums.  So, get boozed, jam the soundclips and download this rare, holy grail record, from my personal collection.  Get It Here!