Saturday, December 29, 2018

Giuliano Sorgini "Lavoro E Tempo Libero" UST 335 - Goldfinger (Usignolo) 1980 Dark Funk Killer!!

    Happy New Year! It's been a minute but I've been listening to this Sorgini masterpiece a bunch and thought I'd share it.  It's alot different than some of his earlier work but it has that perfect early 80's Italian Library sound full of close mic'd and clear funky greatness mixed some very beautiful chill jams.  When I first got into library stuff, obviously Giuliano Sorgini was one of the first clear leaders in the genre with his Zoo Folle and Under Pompelmo record being the top of the records to hear.  This one wasn't even really talked about, maybe because of it's obscurity but it I think it's my favorite of his at this point when only referring to the records where he is the sole contributer.  The mystery behind Usignolo contributed to the fascination with this record as well once I became aware of it's existence.  There are a bunch of records with this same cover (Postal Area Group, Rock Music, The Yellow Page, Disco Music, Band's Harmony, as well as a couple others) This being the best of the bunch even though there are great jams on those records as well.
   As for the music well it starts with the most hip hop ready library sample track I've ever heard,"Ingranaggi Pesanti" I'm not a Hip Hop guy but it's unreal how ahead of the time this track is.  " Cadenza Dinamica" "Ciclo Continuo" and "Turbine In Moto" are dark proggy funky gems that I just can't get enough of.  Every hit is so clear and dope, the occasional shreddy guitar solo gets me in that cheesy air guitar mode for sure.
      I was lucky to find this a couple years ago and it seems that Sorgini might have signed the back cover as well.  I hope some of you can find one as well but here is my 320K rip to tide you over.  Enjoy  MY RIP