Monday, March 31, 2014

Voices In Latin (JC Pierric)-Delta Sound Vol.2- DS 102-Popular Disc 197? 320K Rip Psych Funk Perfection

  Many dudes were a part of this french library record, one of them being the late and great JC Pierric.  There are 4 entries into this Delta Sound series and this one is definitely my favorite, some people think 3 is where it's at, but this one is my pick.  It's all here fuzz, funk, beats, melody, and stoned out production.  I just can't believe these kind of library records exist, they just sound so raw and thrown together, yet very thought out and perfect.  I don't know how these guys relationship worked but it seems a bunch of different dudes wrote dope jams and then knocked em out over a weekend or something. Every song is killer on this but my fav's are, "Blue Diamond" with it's insanely groovin bass lines, "Mikola" perfect Funk psych not unlike Yan Tregger, "Oval" with it's crying fuzz guitar, "Nikita" great melody and groove, "Polienka" reminds of the modern swedish band Dungen.   And the randomness of the labels, Popular Disc, Disc Litanie, I mean how many copies can exist of some of this stuff.  Did this stuff ever get sent out to television and movie studios or was it more of a private press just for them?  JC Pierric did have his own blog for a minute and he did share these with everyone but this one is my copy and my rip which I feel is clearer and his music deserves to be heard as nice as possible.  Enjoy from my personal collection and I hope you can score you're own copy cause I'm pretty sure this thing is scarce.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mario Molino & Duilio Radici "Holiday For Flutes"- RCA -SP 10047- 1973 JAZZ FUNK HOLY GRAIL!

  Wow you just don't get to hear library records this solid every day.  Usually I would stay away from any Library Record titled "Holiday For Flutes" cause well they tend to be very literal.  Luckily for us all this thing is anything but boring flute passages, what we get is mindblowing melody and beats including Mario Molino's signature guitar sound, Duilio Radici's organ & piano, Antonio Ferrelli's incredible Bass playing, Ciro Cicco's perfect drumming and Franco Battimelli & Nino Rapicavoli melodic flute.  As a musician this record is just so inspiring, I mean more thought and precision probably went into the first 2 minutes of this record than the latest "it" bands entire output.  Even though the moods change constantly within the same song the whole album feels like one solid feel good vibe.  The main thing that seems unique to me on this record is those drum breaks and fills, they are just so strange and perfect.  The first song, "Bubble Soap" is a perfect example of this and probably the best of the 10 songs.  Every song is a winner on here though and if you're a fan of Molino's work than I'm sure you'll be satisfied.   This record is near impossible to find as well as any RCA SP record.  I don't feel like sharing "this" record will hurt it's future resale value & potential (which I do wonder about often with my shares) because the good ones always sell in my experience, I would gladly pay the same price for this even if I had the MP3 before, it's the kind of record that sells itself, like drugs, HAHA.  So enjoy another one from my personal collection ripped @320K and don't forget to leave a comment.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson            GET IT HERE!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stelvio Cipriani "Piranha 2-Les Treurs Volantes" OST General Music 1982 RIP @320K

   Here is Stelvio Cipriani's excellent score to the 1982 Horror film sequel to Piranha.  This forgotten film was directed by, of all people, James Cameron (Aliens,Terminator,The Abyss).  In this film the scientifically altered piranhas can now fly and get ya through your window or whatever supposed safe place your chillin.  The real massacre happens when all the tourists are awaiting the yearly Spawning on the beach only to be slaughtered by a militia of flying piranhas.  Ridiculous fun this movie is but the soundtrack is very dramatic and beautiful.  The best composition is repeated here 3 times in, "Profondo Sinfonico","Profondo", & "Theme From Piranha 2".  But I do also enjoy the beauty of "Escape To Paradise".  This version was released in France specially for a Science Fiction Festival in Paris and is very rare and hard to grab.  So enjoy this gem from one of the Italian greats and check out the film on youtube, it features an early performance from horror legend, Lance Henriksen.     Thanks,Chris Tillotson        GET IT HERE!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

La Casa Di Omicidio "Self Titled" 2014 "Italian Horror Soundtrack inspired Group"

  So I was sent a promo email to check out this new release of a long lost 1979 Italian Horror movie entitled, "La Casa Di Omicidio" released by Active Listener Records.  When I finally got around to listening to it, 2 things were very apparent, No this was not recorded in 1979 and damn this shit is dope, haha.  All the songs are by Jeff Rose & Noah Poole with help from Sean Campbell & Amarin Enyart and it seems to be a one off recording project.  They list their influences as Goblin, John Carpenter and King Crimson.  I do hear some of that as far as the electronics go but where as Goblin & Crimson have shredding prog drumming, this drumming is very stoned and vibey.  Because of that, it reminds me more of another horror soundtrack, "Le Frisson Des Vampires" By the teenage group Acanthus, which I absolutely love.  My 2 fav tracks are "Osse di Diavolo (En, Relic)" with its ridiculously awesome chorus synth sound followed by stoned out horror disco.  Also "L'Omicidio Euphorbia Milli (En, Cactus Murder)" simply because it has a guitar solo at the end and I absolutely love hearing people shred and this one's got a bunch of feeling! Bottom line is this band is worth your time and I wish more bands were doing this cause I might actually go out and see shows again, haha.  Currently this release is only available in digital format and you can buy it here  So show your support and buy it!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Jacky Giordano & Various TIM 6-Timing N.6-Timing 197? THE BEST TIMING?

So if you do a popsike search for the Timing label, you'll see that the most sought after Timings are No.1 & No.3.  Time and time again I see those 2 go for ridiculous money, now while the other timings don't go for cheap they are nothing compared to those 2.  This is crazy!  Now I'll give you that Timing N.1 is goddamn essential, Timing N.6 blows Tim N.3 out of the water.  Not only are the 2 Jacky Giordano jams better than the 2 Tim 3 ones but I would take the Kaufman & Jerome songs over Yan Treggers offerings any day.  I do absolutely love Yan Tregger but just a little dissapointed with his TIM 3 jams.
  Now let's get to this library record.  I always keep coming back to this one cause it is just so so good!  The first 15 songs are short clips by a mysterious Yves Boringes, but when I hear a song like "Skratch" I have to think Jacky Giordano.  Discogs only credits Yves Boringes to this one album, so either he made this one offering or it's Jacky Giordano in disguise.  Then we get 2 songs by Christian Sarrel that are very nice slow groove and Bossa tracks with some wordless vocals.  Jacky is up next with a couple essentials.  The middle of "Plink" is just so creative and unique, deep deep groove.  "La Gigue Bleau" is just amazing, he has the coolest afro jazz sound their is.  Then when you think you've heard the best this record has to offer Kaufman & Jerome just destroy your brain for the next 20 min of you're life! You might remember them from their amazing Chappell CHA offering, "Screen And Pleasure"  Unlike most library music they make songs, not just parts.  These songs will take you on a journey, very cosmic and stoney.  My 2 Fav's though are the last 2 songs, "Linda" & "Zoroastre", I could just listen to these over and over.  Just amazing chord changes, epic and triumphant!  When that beat kicks back in on "Zoroastre" What!!
So please enjoy one of the finest french library's ever created and if you see it, buy it, cause you do not see this one every day.  From my personal collection ripped @320K! GET IT HERE!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Jacky Nodaro (Jacky Giordano)& Various-Timing N.5-Timing 197? My Rip @320K

  Very weird record by Jacky Nodaro, AKA Jacky Giordano.  This stuff almost reminds me of Rino De Filippi's crazy melodic,prog funk style.  Bottom line for me though is, I absolutely love this shit.  The crazy thing about Giordano is you know right away it's him, I don't care if he calls himself Barak Obamanos, you know when you hear those drums and psych lo-fi recordings, you're getting down with some Jose Pharos.  First off you got "Furtif" that just builds on a hi hat and distorted bass with some Filippi style flute melodies.  Then you get a joyous mccartney funky jam with a kick drum that belongs in a 90's pop punk song, What!!! Next we got "Desinvolte" which is my 2nd fav jam on here, just listen to that intro, that's the vibe I want to live in every day!  "Off Tune" is just amazing, it gets me super pumped even with no snare drum hits.  My Favorite though is "Mignonne" by Bernard Hilda & Pierre Gossez, with it's ever so sample able intro followed by doo doo's that will ease anyone's ears, just perfect.  I will say that a bunch of the jams are nothing to amazing but hey, that's library.
Please enjoy my rip @320K from my personal collection.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson