Sunday, October 12, 2014

Piero Piccioni "In Viaggio Con Papa" General Music GM 30704 1983 Jazz Funk Masterpiece!

   Been jamming this one tons lately.  I honestly had no idea this was issued on vinyl until I saw it a couple years back.  I've really been diggin these early 80's jazz funk library/OST's lately and this one is a top notch contender, it's got that perfectly clear early 80's recording quality and the ever so cheesy sax solos that either you love or hate, haha.  I would never think this was Piccioni if I heard it, so unlike his 70's outings.  There are so many killer jams on here, it's unreal, try not to shit  your pants when you listen to "Detours" that little synth run throughout is crazy and the pounding of "Foresta PT.2" as well as the weird shredding of "Fuga A Quattro Vortici"  This one is mega rare, only seen it a total of 3 times so be quick cause I know some people that are on the lookout!  Enjoy my rip From my personal collection @320K  GET IT HERE!