Monday, December 7, 2015

Enzo Scoppa (Scoen) AG 104-Lavoro-Roman Record Company 197?

   Incredible record from Enzo Scoppa with arrangement by his usual partner Cicci Santucci.  This record was recorded at the famous Sound Work Shop and the tones are just top notch Italian.  Another cool thing I've found with this record is while certain tracks like, "Pulegge" and "Meccanicismo" might be the tracks I gravitate towards. many other people lean towards the more experimental tracks here, so yeah a little something for everyone I guess.  It's really amazing to hear these guys who maybe came from a more jazz background step outside their comfort zone and pull off these more gnarly soundscapes, truly daring dudes!  So whether you dig heavy psych guitar noodling with your high hats open, or evil percussion seance jams, Lavoro is a nice place to explore!  Enjoy my rip @320K    GET IT HERE!         CHRIS TILLOTSON