Wednesday, November 26, 2014

King Zerand (Robbiani,Zauli,Gade,Bonfanti,Chaplin,Licrate)-Vol.1- LPA 43 Magic Records 197? Holy Grail Italian Funk Disco!

  These heavy hitters definitely came ready to slay on this one.  At least 4 essential funk disco tracks to explore, but really every song is a winner.  Not unlike Research Of Sound or Alberto Baldan Bembo's UST 86, these songs have to be sat with for a while to really hear their full potential.  You get the classic girl scat vocals throughout, incredibly perfect drumming and the random synth accent.  Obviously the highlight is "Candy Floss"  I mean jesus christ this song is incredible.  Also, "Night Song", "Love And Love", "Blue Magnolia" are gems beyond comprehension.  There are more King Zerand Orchestra volumes worth seeking, so please do.  Enjoy the soundclips for the time being until you can score your own copy!  As always trades are accepted , check the trade list here, Trades!!!!! And check current discogs prices here Discogs

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My live DJ set at the world famous Rendezvous Library and Soundtrack night! Nov.2014

Was kindly asked to come and DJ another set at Rendezvous last friday, the record release party for Death Waltz's "Lizard in A Woman's Skin" Ennio Morricone  record.  Recorded to tape from original vinyl.  Some max rare Italian and French Library and Soundtracks I haven't posted here yet so check it out!  Place was packed, glad to see so many people in LA are down to hang out and jam Library And Soundtrack Music all night, haha!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Puccio Roelens "Research Of Sound" SML 102 Edipan 1976 Italian Holy Grail Library finally in High Stereo Quality!

   Which is better, Research Of Sound or Rock Satellite?  I guess you fall into either one or the other.  For me this is the one!  From start to finish you get the most insane jazz funk songwriting ever!  I still hear new things every time I jam it, it's just impossible to grasp the scope of what goes down on this thing in 1 listen.  Also, the closest record I can think of that comes close to eclipsing Stefano Torossi's, "Feelings" (Seperate debate on which one is better).  Every time you think you heard what each song has to offer it breaks into something even more incredible than the previous minute.  The obvious choice of best song is "A Silliness Song" just absolute perfection, with it's beautiful strings and crazy horns and rhythm guitars throughout, does it really get better than this.  Maybe it does cause, "Intimate Conversation" & "The Road of Sadness" are right up there.  Many of you are familiar with this record but if you listen to the last share it was sadly in mono and if it's gonna be shared for everyone than it should be done properly!  This one is mega rare and worth every penny you spend on it and belongs in any serious collectors collection.  I don't even have to ask you to please enjoy cause how can you not! My rip @320K  GET IT HERE!             Chris Tillotson