Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Peter Thomas "Sound Music Album 5" Golden Ring S 5051-23 Psych Masterpiece @320K

  The best thing you can hope for on ebay is that the seller doesn't realize what he has.  Such was the case with this record.  They not only mislabeled it but also priced it the same giveaway price as the other mediocre sound music albums they were offering.  I guess they didn't realize they were possessing one of the absolute rarest and finest psych records to ever come out of library music.  Many of you have already experienced this masterpiece but for those that haven't, Oh snaps, this thing is heavy.  It's all about Side A, every jam is golden, fuzz funk mayhem!  I wonder if he put the octofuzz guitar through his synthesizer, cause that's how it sounds to me, so unique and badass.  "Astral Snow" is so crazy with that sub bass coming out the left channel and that insane bass line, what?  "Spindle"  is one of the funnest experimental funk jams ever.  "Coordinates Meeting" sounds like some gangsta space aliens came to get gnarly.  Many would say Klaus Weiss has the best Golden Ring stuff, but I think this record is Golden Ring's finest moment.  Peter Thomas must have been possessed by an outer space fuzz demon to make this kind of shit.  So enjoy my rip @320K from my personal collection.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Peter Thomas "Electronic Water" Golden Ring A 30 021 RM 197? Rip @320K

  Another rad record by Peter Thomas.  This one sounds a bunch like the "Happy And Crazy Music" releases by Alberto Baldan Bembo & David Perian.  The song that stands out to me though is, "Milky Way" which sounds more like a Jacky Giordano jam or something.  I was really curious to how this record was gonna sound based on the lack of hype around it, but it is thankfully super dope.  As always the production is just amazing and the synth sounds are superb!  Thomas is obviously just having tons of fun in the studio, not going completely into outer space, just writing music for stony dog walks.  My favorite time for music was when psych prog bands first started experimenting with synths, the synths just accompany the arrangements like they're a flute or something.  In the 80's till current. it seems you're either an electronic artist or a band, no in-between.  Peter Thomas does this really well, like all the other moogploitation albums of the time, he's highlighting his new toy around funk and jazz.  Also check the pics from the inner sleeve with all the other Golden Ring releases, super nice.  Enjoy from my personal collection ripped @320K.  Thanks,Chris Tillotson     GET IT HERE!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rino De Filippi "Ritmicolor" Pound Records PRL 17609 Filippi!

  So I finally got my hands on this ever elusive record, "Ritmicolor" and boy is it amazing.  It does share some songs with other Filippi releases, the main ones being Giardino Dei Miei Desideri & Meccanizzazione.  I would say the style is very similar to those releases.  "Luminosita" sounds a lot like a couple songs off Primavera but not exact. I'm missing a few of his records but maybe some more of these are off other LP's.  I simply cannot get enough RDF, it's as close as you can get to Alessandroni, which makes sense why they recorded together on occasion.  I could be wrong but I don't believe he scored any soundtracks, which is strange.  His library releases are so rare and sought after, just like Sorgini, Ducros, and Casa.  Let me talk a bit about the songs, "Splendida Luce" is such a weirdo jam, I've heard it plenty of times already and I still can't grasp what is going on.  It starts pop enough with it's pumped up bongo beats but then it just fades into Jazz Prog weirdome, so bad ass! Oh snaps, "Percosi" is such a beast, just listen to that bass tone, ahhh!  You also can't forget the signature, off timing melody stabs and those crazy drums.  So check out this motha from my personal collection and please excuse my enthusiasm, I've been drinking!  Chris Tillotson

Monday, January 20, 2014

Orgasmo Sonore "Omaggio A Bruno Nicolai Ed Alle Sue Musiche Per Il Cinema Giallo" Cineploit

  Now I haven't done any reviews of new releases so far but for Orgasmo Sonore I will make an exception.  Orgasmo Sonore is a project by Frank Rideau in which he revisits 70's & 80's Italian Soundtracks.  For his latest project he focuses entirely on the great Italian composer Bruno Nicolai.  These 6 tracks are chosen from 5 Horror & Giallo soundtracks that Nicolai composed from 1971 to 1975.  Instead of strictly covering these songs Frank does more of a reinterpretation, combining different sequences into one song.  Now I have tons of respect for anyone taking on the impossible task of covering a Nicolai song, but Frank actually does a phenomenal job of it too.  Sometimes the songs take on a more modern post rock feel but still stay very true to the original vibe as well.  My favorite jam on here is his version of La Coda Dello Scorpione.  I love the part in the middle around 1:50 where the strings and clean guitar cascade down, so beautiful.  When I showed my buddy this record, he said "Wow, I'm really glad this guy exists" and I would have to agree.  These days it seems modern horror soundtracks gravitate towards the droney Carpenter stuff  but I am so glad to see someone representing the full band, composition driven style the Italians did so well.  So show some love and support and buy this amazing record.  You can check out more here   and you check out more Cineploit here

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bruno Nicolai "Rendezvous" 1975 Gemelli GG ST 10.038

  Tension!  Pretty much what this whole record is about.  I'm more into the beautiful and melodic Nicolai but he sure does have a ton of these type of records, as do all of the Italian dudes.  So you better get your gun cause the killer is coming!  Ripped @320K from my personal collection. Thanks Chris Tillotson              GET IT HERE!

Bruno Nicolai "Girasol" 1975 Gemelli-GG ST 10.034

  Sorry for the pause in posts, I had to handle some shit this last week.  Continuing on with Nicolai, here is my rip of the ultra rare Gemelli record, "Girasol".  This record contains some very beautiful dramatic tunes and also some tense moments.  Strings, Mandolin, Bass, Chill Beats, Chorus Vox,organ and harmonica are most of the elements you'll find.  The title track is just gorgeous song writing and "Repressione" is a great tension filled jam.  As you already know, Nicolai can do no wrong so check out my rip @320K from my personal collection.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bruno Nicolai "Ciao Italia" 1976 Edipan CS 2002 @320K

   Very nice record here from Nicolai's own Edipan label.  Lots of bossa, psych, and some girl who's longing for Jack.  2 standouts for me are, "Napoletana", a very strange playful jam.  I don't even know how to classify that one, and that's a good thing.  My other favorite is "Musei" of course with it's dope beats and fuzz guitar shredding when the mood turns minor, and the mellow bass fuzz is nice too.  I seperated the letters to Jack intros into seperate tracks because thats how I like it.  Worth mentioning is "Burano" with it's wandering underwater atmosphere, it's making me quite happy at this very moment.  Ripped at 320K from my personal collection enjoy!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bruno Nicolai "Paolo & Francesca" 1971 Gemelli GG 10-005

  This Nicolai soundtrack contains 1 of my favorite jams ever, "Din Giorno In Giorno", probably the best classicaly styled garage jam ever.  Just 4 elements, dirty electric guitar, combo organ, jazz kit, and electric bass and it sounds like it's recorded with 1 mic in the center of the room.  I can just imagine the intensity in the room when they laid this thing down, just listen to the heaviness and passion in those rhythm guitar strokes in the middle part, just putting all punkers to shame haha.  "Rosso Sul Lago" is just classic Nicolai, minor chord groove falling into a beautiful wordless coo chorus.  There are some other good shake style songs on here as well.  This is the second Gemelli pressing from 1978 i believe,  Ripped @320K from my personal collection, enjoy!   Thanks, Chris Tillotson         GET IT HERE!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bruno Nicolai "L'Onorota Famiglia Uccidere E Cosa Nostra" 1973 Gemelli GG.ST.10.022 @320K

  One of Bruno Nicolai's heaviest and best soundtracks to the film L'Onorata Famiglia Uccidere E'Cosa Nostra.  For me the 2 best are "Whiskey" & "Gin", 2 Fuzz guitar bangers.  Whiskey sounds likes Nicolai's take on Hawaii Five-0, with it's heavy drums, percussion and oscillations, just perfection.  "Dissolvenza" is also amazing with it's floating strings over dope beats and beautiful piano melodies.  Included here as well is, "Un Solo Amore" which is originally from the "La Coda Dello Scorpione" OST which is also a Nicolai standout.  So if you don't love Nicolai by now, this OST should help.  Ripped from my personal collection @320K enjoy!  Chris Tillotson

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bruno Nicolai & Fiorenzo Carpi "Un Bianco Vestito Per Mariale'" Gemelli GG.ST.10.021 1975

   So yeah, above all else, as cheesy as it sounds, I want music to give me goosebumps.  Psych out fuzz, Weird electronics and experimentalism is great but tends to leave me feeling somewhat cold.  The first song on this, "Mariale" is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, Nicolai does that classical harpsichord lick so many times on his scores and it gets me every time.  When the key change ascends in the middle I get gnarly goosebumps, very nice.  Fiorenzo Carpi is credited to the music and Nicolai to the direction, but this record sounds so Nicolai to me, I imagine he had a huge hand in these compositions.  Also remember that psych out experimenting I referred  to, well those are here too, "La Vittima" & "Pelle Di Luna" are both great fuzzy tribal jams.  The Gemelli label was founded by Nicolai and possibly Carpi as well and these Gemelli releases are very small runs and not too easy to find either.  Unlike other small run labels, these releases are very high quality, with heavy cardboard and sturdy vinyl.  Enjoy some Nicolai from my personal collection ripped @320K.  Chris Tillotson          GET IT HERE!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Rino & Luigi De Filippi "Giardino Dei Miei Desideri" Wildcat 113 197? @320K

   So, for my first post of 2014, I present to you a very nice Rino & Luigi De Filippi album on the impossibly rare italian library label, Wildcat.  So if you don't know Luigi is Rino's son.  Filippi's album, Oriente Oggi was actually one of the first Italian records I ever heard and I've been maxed pumped on him ever since.   Just like Alessandroni, no matter how proggy the time signatures or ideas get, his melodic sense always remains constant.  The record starts off ridiculously strong with, "L'Erba Di Prima", which is one of the best Filippi songs I've ever heard, so gangsta!   Then we get 3 very beautiful jazzy piano driven songs before getting back to the beats.  "Phil Armonia" is just brilliant and "Scie Luminose" is about as tasteful as prog can get.  All in all just a very solid record from one of the most solid composers ever!  Also, if anyone can give me some info on Wildcat 115, as I know nothing about it and there seems to be no info on the net.  So enjoy this from my personal collection ripped @320K.  Happy New Year!  Chris Tillotson       GET IT HERE!