Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jacky Giordano & Various "Timing N.4" TIM 04 Timing 197? Ripped @320K

  Now, my friends, I am going to take some time and share some records from one of my favorite French Library Labels, Timing!  Timing is very similar to Jacky Giordano's Freesound label, maybe because he is heavily featured on these releases, as well as frequent contributer and heavy psych god, Yan Tregger.   Out of the first 7 releases (don't even bother with the 8-16, well maybe 13) this is one of the best.  Jacky Giordano only contributes 2 jams, the rest are by Roger Bourdin,Patric Tarnaud,Marc Chaussin and Gerard Gustin.  Unfortunately for my taste, the whole side A, by Roger Bourdin, is all forgettable flute stuff, which by the way was scaring me when I first heard the record.  Then I flipped the record and with a sigh of relief was transported into Progressive Heaven with, Patric Tarnaud's "Son".   It does have that ridiculous Deep Purple organ pumping but I still love it.  Then Marc Chaussin's, "L'Important" starts in with total Floyd stoniness rolling into a prog funk freakout and those overcompressed drums are killing me!  And what anyone who seeks this record out care about, "How are the Giordano jams"  well Mr. Sherylee does deliver here.  Though not totally badass, "Pink" is an interesting stony trumpet & fuzz guitar, tribal funk tune.  The real treat though is, "Golden Blend".  This is the kind of Giordano jam that will perk even the most boring person out of a stupor.  Oh my lord, that snare drum sound, I wish there was a Giordano preset for snare drums because I would use it, haha.  The record finishes with 2 Gerard Gustin songs.  "Revery In Stereo" does the precious flute & Vibrato Guitar into funk part pretty well as well as "Semiaramis My Love", oh so precious, haha.  By the way if you were wondering if the dope Timing releases were rare, the answer is yes and the word is out so good luck picking one up for less than 100 bucks, especially TIM 001, but you can head over to the Library Music Themes forum and pick up mp3's of most of em.  Enjoy and more to come my rip @320K from my personal collection!   GET IT HERE!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Luciano Michelini "L'Isola Degli Uomini Pesce" OST-1979-Cometa CMT 1009 21

    Wow, just look at this amazing cover art, so dope!  When I first saw this record I was dying to hear it and when I found out it was also released in the USA under the title Screamers, for very cheap prices, I jumped on it.  Now what I didn't realize is that the records do not contain the same songs.  True some of the songs are the same but the Screamers release is missing 2 very standout tracks, "Rito Magico" & "Palude".  So this being the original Italian release on Cometa with only 500 copies ever pressed, far exceeds that of the readily available US release.  Most of the jams are beautiful orchestral adventure type songs, except for the 2 previously mentioned.  Rito Magico, is tribal psych out bliss and Palude sounds like Morricone & Alessandroni jamming with Can!  This record is getting harder and harder to find so don't sleep if you find it or maybe the mighty Death Waltz will step up and reissue it cause it seems right up there alley.  Hope you dig and enjoy my rip @320K from my personal collection.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson                 GET IT HERE!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Broken internet modem, will be back in a couple days!

  Yo, Everyone I know I haven't posted anything in a week or so but it's cause I have a broken modem.  Getting a new one in a couple days, then I will post some more records, I got some pretty rad stuff recently so please stay tuned, I haven't stopped my blog or anything.  Thanks to all of you for reading and supporting me.  Especially thanks to everyone who bought Starving Daughters records too, last week we sold a uncommonly high amount probably due to praising reviews on awesome blogs like active listener.  So yeah, max thanks, I'm glad I can do my part and share MP3's of awesome records but it's all of our part to buy records of stuff we dig, not all records cost hundreds of dollars, some are just the price of beer.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Akira Kushida "Space Sheriff Shaider" 1984 Columia CX 7181 My Rip @320K Shigi Shigi!

  Space Sheriff Shaider was a television series that aired from 1984 till 1985 and was the last of the Space Sheriff series.  More Importantly though, this record contains of the best Metal Hero jams ever, "Fushigi Song".  Some super creepy vocals mixed with some dark ass funk.  It also has that chorus synth that always reminds me of Fabio Frizzi's The Beyond Soundtrack.  There are definitely some more dope ass funky jams on here as well and of course, the Cheese. So check out some more Japanese Funk ripped from my own collection @320K.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Guy Boyer & Jean-Yves Guihal "Sport News" 1979 Charles Talar Records 3.001 MY RIP @320K

  Just in time for the Super Bowl tomorrow, I present to you one of my favorite electronic records ever, "Sport News".  This record is just pure synthesized insanity, you get the repetitive arppegiator  jams, the outer space exploration jams and the heavy beats. A big reason I like this record more than other similar records, is that you can hear the real time cuts in his songs like he's doing it all on the fly and that he has real musical chops, just listen to "Formula One", one of the most jaw dropping musical moments I've ever heard.  Oh man the tones of the synths are just impeccable as well,  "Scratch", "Crochet", and "Motorbike Escape" are fine examples of thick synth awesomeness.  So enjoy my rip @320K from my personal collection.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson