Saturday, January 31, 2015

Domenico Di Vito (Oscar Lindok) - Immagini E Colori - DDA1 Aris-1974 Golden!!!!!!!!

   Here is one very special record by Oscar Lindok AKA Giacomo Dell'Orso and husband to iconic singer Edda Dell'Orso.  Absolutely top notch, next level shit, from prog to spaced out bossa to dark side of the moon stretchings.  Record starts off with "Immagini E Colori" a proggy gem for sure, shifts between acoustic guitar and rockin organ parts.  "Spensieratamente" might be the best song here with it's signature Lindok synths over a bossa beat that is just absolutely amazing.  "Storia A Lieto Fine"  is a beautiful and melodic funk jam, reminding of a glorious drive with no traffic.  "Verso Il Domani" I just love, like a futuristic 50's pop song with amazing synth lines, yet I can see how someone might take it as cheesy, but it just hits me perfectly.  "Terra Amara" has no drums but no problem making an impact.  It has a similar style to those classic Dark Side Of The Moon songs I love so much.  "Senza Problemi" is an amazing proggy tribal jam with tape echo for days!  Bottom line if you are a fan of this man, this one is essential and if you know Aris Librarys or Soundtracks (Lingua D' Argento, Calamo) it is mega rare and rarely comes up for sale.  This one's not even on discogs yet!  Check out a couple songs and MP3 Trades accepted as always.  Chris Tillotson

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Various-Moods For Orchestra- CBG 666 Harmonic- 1976 Unexpected Dopeness from the most demonic Harmonic!

  I got into these Harmonics a while back and haven't posted much on my findings.  Anyways yes there are some treasures found .  One of em was a surprise, I thought I needed to get like Themes in Beat and stuff like that but let's not forget Moods For Orchestra a forgotten gem among them.  Coming right on the heels of 665 which is a monster for sure, this one has most characteristics of a rad library, crazy drums, amazing song writing and dope vibes no doubt.  Let me talk about the best jams, "Full Action" is all about the drums, god damn awesome.  Built around the big band, the drums take on a life all there own on this one.  "Hard Work" is the classic fuzz funk groover sought after by all the beat heads with its organ and fuzz guitar freakouts.  For me the best jams are towards the end, "Fata Morgana"  is just amazing, not a negative thing to be said about this perfect jam with its Sven Libaek vibes.  "Love Cage" is also in the same vein, slow groove with perfect orchestration throughout.  I recently played a bunch of records for a friend, many of what I consider holy grail Italians and this one too.   This is the one he couldn't stop talking about! Enough said!  I am offering this one in its entirety so please enjoy and I ripped this one before I got my VPI machine so please excuse the noise in the quiet parts and if you collect old records and don't own one, I strongly suggest saving your money and buying one, the difference is incredible.  Currently the going price of this is extremely affordable so.....My rip from my own collection as always, Chris

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Remigio Ducros & Luciano Simoncini - America Amore Amaro - MPS 3015 Edipan

This is the first of the holy edipan trinity, "Riflessi", "Research Of Sound" & "America Amore Amaro" and mighty and great it is!  Everyone by now should be quite familiar with these 2 artists, as they have released some of the best funky library music ever recorded.  This one is super solid from start to finish and one of the rarest Italian librarys out there.  The song titles are for the most part named after american landmarks and cities, so many of these Italian records were obsessed with USA.  Trust me it is hard to choose but for me the best track is "Niagra Falls" the stoniest groove ever, and also "Magnolia Boulevard".  I've recorded these 2 tracks so you can sample the greatness. And next time you see it for sale be quick cause last time it went for auction, prices went crazy high.   Trades accepted.  Chris


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Marcabru (Rino & Luigi De Filippi) - Momenti- ORL 40012 Otter Records The most elusive De Filippi Holy Grail Library!

Updated, I had to go through and update my Marcabru posts because of the recent info me and my buds have uncovered that Luigi De Filippi does exist and that he is the son of Rino and they worked on records together.  The extent to who did what is up to you and your ears until I get the word from Luigi.  This record unlike Daybreak is credited to both, confused yet, haha.
   Now let's get to the music here, the record starts with, "Fiaccole Vive" which you know as "Splendida Luce" from Ritmicolor.  This is the original release of this track and as you know is proggy Filippi greatness with soaring synth and electric piano over incredible drumming.  The last track, "Spinta Ritmica" is actually the same song but with drums and percussion only, essential for break beat enthusiasts.  "Accensione" is a spinet and acoustic guitar driving song, with pumped up drums and brass in the traditional Filippi style.  Now track three, "Ricordo" is by E Zoffoli who you might recognize from the Sorgini, Monte Carlo record I  posted a while back and is dark prog with synth and drums, very awesome.  "Strade" you know as "Percorsi" from the Ritmicolor record and is amazing spinet prog funk.  "La Notte Guarda" is a beautiful piano and synth driven progger with drums, so good!  The hit song, "Stelle In Terra" is a weird bossa prog jam, that is perfectly melodic with that classic Filippi sound.  "Bagliori" is another one worth noting, sounds like it came right off the Daybreak record, perfect driving funk drums with piano, synth and organ throughout, awesome!   The other few jams are pretty good but get kinda goofy for my taste, all feature spinet and sound very Rino still.
  I called this the most elusive Rino De Filippi holy grail, I should say one of the most, when is the last time you saw "Temi Ritmici E Dinamici" or "Atmosphere" on Fonit  "for sale, shit they're all pretty elusive aren't they, haha.  The key being Holy Grail, which does not mean just rare, it means fantastic listening experience which I know is relative but if you're reading my blog you know I mean not drony experimental stuff or classical meanderings , I mean goosebump inducing beat driven music of a unique quality, not necessarily hip hop beats,  you know the stuff that sells for ridiculous prices, haha.  Though you can find goosebump inducing music for cheap, holy grail means it can potentially  take you years to find it, thus meaning it is fricken rare, not 5 copies for sale on discogs.  I feel that should be the generic meaning of Holy Grail and anything else should be classified as personal holy grail, but hey that is my perspective.  Anyways I have vented enough for one evening check out the soundclips  Enjoy from my personal collection, Chris
Update 1/25/15- Well me and some buddies have succeeded in contacting Luigi De Filippi from his website and it is confirmed he is indeed, Rino De Filippi's son!  He said he used the name Marcabru and worked with his father on library records.  I along with a couple other enthusiasts are trying to put together an interview with this man for the blog.  Stay tuned! GET IT HERE!

Gianni E I Suoi Solisti (Gianni Mazza & Various) - Sensazioni D' Estate - SMAG 06 Magma

This one is by the same composers as SMAG 05 led by Gianni Mazza.  Only 4 of these songs contain drums, the rest is beautiful laid back melodic synth jams featuring harmonica.  Lets talk about the drum songs, cause that's the exciting stuff right,haha.  A2 "Elba" is definitely the dopest track here and the reason most people would buy this record.  It is just perfect laid back grooves to blaze one to, haha, incredible fluting and brass.  "Gargano" is melodic prog jam led by piano and harmonica, very beautiful.  "Neon" is another highlight which takes a while to build up but eventually blossoms into a great funky flute groove, I only included the end of that song in my soundclip to give you an idea if you need to seek this one out.  As Always Trades accepted and enjoy the clips.  Chris