Thursday, May 14, 2015

Braen & Raskovich "Tempo Libero" PL 1017-Panda Records 197? Italian Library Holy Grail! The Best!

     Personal Top 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best Italian Library's and best Panda records ever to me, beautiful, beat driven, melodic and above all, heavily inspired.  No it's not a Belle & Sebastian record but the mighty, Tempo Libero.  Many of the songs here are alternate versions of the best songs from Sorgini's, "Scappo Per Cantare" on Fama, laying a bit lower or absent on the scat vocals found on Scappo.  The strange thing is songs credited here to Alessandroni are only credited to Sorgini on Scappo but you understand the strangeness of Italian library crediting by now, haha.  The collaboration between these two is incredibly top notch and beautiful, seeing that when they usually get together, it's pretty insane experimental stuff.  As Scappo is dated at 1971 I would assume this one is the same, yet no date on this Panda release.   Tempo Libero translates to "Free Time" and that's exactly what you won't have if you spent as much time recording and mastering music as these legendary dudes.  Ultimate record listen.
            This record is pretty impossible to find so, check the soundclips and I do offer my rip as a full download , enjoy! Chris Tillotson