Sunday, July 13, 2014

Claudio Tallino & Alessandro Blonksteiner "Calamo" OST 1976-Aris ANL 4008

   One of my favorite Italian OST's on the incredibly rare label Aris by Claudio Tallino and directed by Alessandro Blonksteiner (Apocalypse Domani).  I guess all of the ANL 4000 series records were soundtracks to soft sex type movies.  Although I have never seen this movie, the trailer makes it out to be an erotic thriller which looks amazing.
    As for the music, it is just filled with everything I'm looking for, it's dark, fuzzy, funky and definitely trippy.  Although every jam is great, there are 3 absolutely incredible jams.  The first one being, "Lone Stepbrother" which just has the most incredible bass lines ever.  Then "Journey To Nowhere",which I broke up into 2 parts here for my listening pleasure, with it's fuzzy freakouts and organ swirls.  "Smoke Gets In Your Head" is just a banger, absolute perfection!  The album ends with the incredible evil prog jam "The End" which I also seperated into 2 parts, with its sinister vocals and fuzz guitars galore.  It's not often this thing comes up on the market so if you find it, jump on it.  Enjoy my rip from my personal collection @320K.
Thanks, Chris                      GET IT HERE!



  1. 1000thanks for this wonderful soundtrack-album! I love your taste in music & your blog-site, which I visit reguarly - for me it is one of the best! And thanks for your other shares too - great stuff for music-lovers!

  2. Great Website and I Love your shares. However your latest download site has that damn macsmart adware on it and now my computer is screwed up. Hazards of the internet I guess! Thanks for the music!

  3. Dear Chris,
    On 23rd of November 2013 you shared a terrifying album with oriental disposition here:

    Unfortunately, some tracks of the Iranian pressing are missing in your share.
    It would be great if you shared the following tracks and stifle my passion and unquenchable urge for such oriental mood music.

    B7 Pajaro Chogui
    B4 Mon Amour (Aranjuez)
    A5 Strangers In The Night
    A1 The Windmills Of Your Mind

  4. Any chance ripping this in lossess?