Wednesday, August 13, 2014

L.Afzelius "Pop Spectrum" LPSG 3001 Studio G 1976 Cosmic Psych Classic!

  So yeah here's one of my favorite library's from the British library label, Studio G.  Complete with fantasticly cheesy 70's cover art these 14 songs are just full of great cosmic pop sounds.  L.Afzelius is an alias for Tim Kross who also released a bunch for JW.   For a bit of information of Studio G catalog numbers there are 4 series with 12 releases in each series.  For the most part the best stuff is found on 1 & 2 of each series with the exception of the 4th series which has nice releases throughout.  So enjoy this very fun record from my personal collection ripped at 320K.  Chris     GET IT HERE!   BUY IT HERE!


  1. Know it well. Good stuff on it, too.

  2. Thanks! Not even an upgrade. Totally new to me!

    Peace, Love, Dope.

  3. Thank you Chris!

  4. cheers - but am I missing something?
    Sounds like a pub band warming up.

  5. Great shate !!! Thanks Chris


  6. 1000thanks for this great & fascinating album! I love your music-blog! I visit it reguarly & you offer the best mix of highest audio-quality, detailed information about the music & the artists and your style (fotos, colours, etc.) is very nice too ... for me, your blog is definetly one of the best web-wide! Regards from Germany, Andy

  7. Thanks Chris !!!


  8. Bloody Nora, that guitarist is a bit off kilter, isn't he?


  9. All new to me as well. Thank you Chris.

  10. this looks really cool. thanks for posting.
    any chance you got this in store -
    Sandro Brugnolini and Stefano Torossi – Musica per commenti sonori
    if so, a share would be highly appreciated.

  11. Previous comment - "Sounds like a pub band warming up" - given tracks like Cosmic Blues and Lilting Rock, I would love to know which pub they go to and can I have an invite! The Studio G compilation on Trunk Records was one of those releases that really got me into library music (actually that's where I first fell in love with the Cosmic Blues track).

    I used to have the James Asher Studio G album "Abstracts" on a rip somewhere, that was excellent - all the Doug;as Wood tracks I have heard have been incredible though the albums are pretty expensive - given Studio G is still going, it's a mystery why they don't reissue their albums from the seventies - almost criminal I would say.

    Many thanks for this, great to finally hear the entire album.

    1. Yeah Paul I feel the same way point me in the direction of that Pub, haha! The recording does sound pretty raw but that is what's stony and fun about the whole thing. Abstracts is golden as well as Doug Wood stuff on Studio G. You can actually buy Abstracts on itunes if you want, highly recommended.

  12. Hello Chris!
    Thanks again for the all your awesome music you shared with me here at your wonderful blog! As a kind of "gift in return" I want to share a 30-track (!!!) va-compilation - in best audio-quality - with you - I named it "1970`s Rare `n Progressive Funky Dope" and you can download it - for a couple of days - from my own mediafire account!


    You will find detailled informations about this great va-comp at this certain website in a library-music-forum: - where I have published it too!

    I hope you will enjoy this album as much as I do!?

    Best regards from Germany!

    Yours, Andy

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  14. The mysterious eight track from DJ Mitsu Mixtape 'Library Mix'


    Since 2008 I've been searching for this track (

    from DJ Mitsu the Beats mixtape "Library Mix" without success.
    So I've tried to ask Mr. Mitsu himself on twitter, and he replied me


    @mitsu_the_beats check this one.


    I've asked on discogs if this track was on this album, and an user replied me


    "It's not on this record, that 8th track in the DJ Mitsu-mix, even though the sound &

    production is very similar."

    Another user, on "Library Mix" page on told that the eight track was Peak Power, by

    Steve Gray (

    Today I've found this album to download on Soulseek. Peak Power, by Steve Gray is a totally

    different track. I've listened to the whole album and the eight track by Mitsu is not there.

    So, I'm here, begging for your mercy and help. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHICH TRACK IS THAT?

    Thanks in advance and best regards.