Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stelvio Cipriani & Various - Do You Like Dancing? - CAM CML 181 - 1980 Disco Funk Awesomeness!

  What a nice surprise with this one, I wrote it off cause of the cheesy title and because I don't like to dance, haha.  Boy was I wrong, while the majority of the A side is crap, side B is full of Cipriani gold.  Pretty much all the Cipriani stuff from the later CAM's is golden, like "A Wide Range Of Colours" "Rhythmical Movement Vol.1 & 2".  First let me talk about the non Cipriani tracks, A6 "First Family" by Maestosi & Trecca is just amazing beautiful melodic and beat driven, love it.  A7 by Patucchi is a really vibey lounge track.  B6 by Rustichelli is a great spaced out bossa track.  Now to the Cipriani stuff, B1 is spaced out lounge at its finest, B3 is a great bossa track led by piano.  Next are the 2 best songs, B4 "Green Eyed Woman" is a perfect porno funky jam not to be messed with.  Also my favorite "B5 Private Lessons" spaced out disco funk perfectly suitable for porno music.  Totally untouchable, those chord changes give me chills every time, just listen to that punchy stabbing rhythm guitar.  Soundclips ripped from my personal collection and MP3 Trades accepted. Chris Tillotson


  1. Remember if you want to make an MP3 trade contact me through my email I can't respond publicly to something shared privately, thanks

  2. This is pretty "Rock Satellite"-ish in sound, great stuff! Thanks for the clips