Sunday, June 14, 2015

Joe Spitfire Nicosia & Co. "Discobra" 45 on Fonit Cetra Italian Jeans Advertisment Thingy Super Rad Disco Funk!

     Good god this is heavy.  Definitely all about the B side, "Cobra Sound"  Right off the bat, those drums, heavy compression and phasing I'm guessing.  The song progresses into an incredibly melodic middle section.  It's just one of those fun songs I can listen to over and over.  Not to leave out the A side "Il GrandeTentatore" While kinda harsh on the ears, the track is very psychedelic and fun with lots of studio trickery and dope guitar shredding.  I believe this an advertisement record realeased to promote Italian Jeans company, Cobra Jeans in probably the 70's.  Enjoy @320K my rip.     GET IT HERE!      Chris Tillotson


  1. Very cool !!! Thanks Chris


  2. Groovy single! Thanks, Chris.
    I think, however, you've mixed up the sides in your description above. "Cobra Sound" (Side B) is the psychedelic track, "Il Grande Tentatore" (Side A) is the "drums, heavy compression and phasing" track.

    1. I know why you would think that as he yells out cobra sound in the A side but trust me I know which side is what. The only explanation is if this 45 is mislabeled which is always a possibility. Thanks to all others, gad you dug it!

  3. Amazing! Thank you! Can't wait to hear!

  4. Sweet share, Chris! Have already swapped out my 192 kbps version for your much-improved one. Thank you!

  5. Amazing 45 :),thanks for shared!


  6. This is too cool for mere words! Thank you, Chris!!

  7. I thought I had already said my thanks and waxed lyrical on the two sublime psychedelic grooves that I just keep coming back to again and again, but as I clearly didn't, then let me take this opportunity to thank you for posting a beautifully clean rip of one the best 45's to come out of the music blogging world this year.

    For no clearly definable reason, the Italians in the 70s were just the masters of this kind of sound and I have to applaud the marketing people at Cobra Jeans for believing that the kind of people who dig this music would also dig their jeans, as this sound is all about getting down and getting dirty on the dancefloor, not posing in 70s Rimini in your immaculate designer couture (though the Italy of the 70s was a strange constellation of political, social and cultural extremes so perhaps it does fit the mood of the times).

    I'm just hoping someone like Psychemagik or Light Sounds Dark puts the main track on one of their future compilations so I can get a lossless rip, but as it stands I am totally delighted with your 320.
    The great thing about your blog is quality over quantity every single post.