Monday, February 17, 2014

Broken internet modem, will be back in a couple days!

  Yo, Everyone I know I haven't posted anything in a week or so but it's cause I have a broken modem.  Getting a new one in a couple days, then I will post some more records, I got some pretty rad stuff recently so please stay tuned, I haven't stopped my blog or anything.  Thanks to all of you for reading and supporting me.  Especially thanks to everyone who bought Starving Daughters records too, last week we sold a uncommonly high amount probably due to praising reviews on awesome blogs like active listener.  So yeah, max thanks, I'm glad I can do my part and share MP3's of awesome records but it's all of our part to buy records of stuff we dig, not all records cost hundreds of dollars, some are just the price of beer.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson


  1. All good mate, good luck with that.. :)

  2. Thanks!! Chris :)

  3. Hey Chris,
    Good luck with getting back up and running.
    Also just wanted to say, thanks for your efforts - I've been collecting vinyls for 30 odd years but the stuff your posting is bothnew to me and dope.
    Maximum respect from the UK ; )
    All The Best

  4. Thanks for the kind words people, I'm still living in the stoneages and rolling with DSL, which I feel they are deliberately slowing down so everyone will trip and upgrade to FIOS. I just called em today pretty drunk I might add, and asked to upgrade and got in a heated argument about hidden fees and bullshit. These are the kind of conversations you can't believe you get in, I was just laughing and saying, listen Shallesa just give me some goddamn internet, I'm not a dumbass I just want what you advertise. Anyways hopefully next week it won't take me 10 hours to leave a post! Cheers everyone, gotta love the internet age!