Friday, February 21, 2014

Luciano Michelini "L'Isola Degli Uomini Pesce" OST-1979-Cometa CMT 1009 21

    Wow, just look at this amazing cover art, so dope!  When I first saw this record I was dying to hear it and when I found out it was also released in the USA under the title Screamers, for very cheap prices, I jumped on it.  Now what I didn't realize is that the records do not contain the same songs.  True some of the songs are the same but the Screamers release is missing 2 very standout tracks, "Rito Magico" & "Palude".  So this being the original Italian release on Cometa with only 500 copies ever pressed, far exceeds that of the readily available US release.  Most of the jams are beautiful orchestral adventure type songs, except for the 2 previously mentioned.  Rito Magico, is tribal psych out bliss and Palude sounds like Morricone & Alessandroni jamming with Can!  This record is getting harder and harder to find so don't sleep if you find it or maybe the mighty Death Waltz will step up and reissue it cause it seems right up there alley.  Hope you dig and enjoy my rip @320K from my personal collection.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson                 GET IT HERE!


  1. Glad your modem is fixed so we can receive this great share! And thank you for posting nice big photos of the original, beautiful cover art as well.

  2. Cometa really did a fantastic job with their covers. Very nice share, the movie looks rather interesting too..

  3. Another wonderful share from yoor fantastic collection !
    Thanks a million Chris

  4. The cover immediately grabs the viewer's attention.

    I'm going to check this out. Thanks, Chris!

  5. I'm a HUGE fan of Italian ost oldies and i get such a good surprised when i found your blog.
    And original editions...
    Thank you so much to pass all this time to share that!