Sunday, June 8, 2014

Michael Maller & M.Chadcar-Blended Melodies-CAM CML 105-1975 CAM &MIC GRAIL!

  So you probably know the genius of Michael Maller from Sweet Melodie on Auvidis but you might not be aware of his true masterpiece, Blended Melodies on CAM and France MIC.  This is the kind of library I wish to find every day, great recording, great funk, great chords and melody and amazing analog synth laid on top.  Almost every track is amazing, 7 of which I put on my library best playlist and I am picky about my library best jams, I can go through 30 De Wolfe's and only put 7 on the list.  I own or heard every France MIC record as well and this one is by far my favorite of all of them.  It's hard to choose a couple to share but "Somebody Came" "Once Life" I feel are my favorites.  The later almost sounding like a Dr.Dre sample or something.
  CAM is my favorite label because not only are there so many gems hiding throughout but they've managed to stay off the blogosphere or soulseek, almost keeping them very sacred.  Every time I buy one and finally put the needle on I am completely surprised, one of the last library companies that hasn't been raided.  Even the worst CAM CML will still cost you 30 bucks just cause of the legend and rarity.  I'll post a picture when I finally get my CAM tatoo on my face, haha.  Enjoy the soundclip and hit me up for trades.


  1. Looks nice Chris! Just a side note that I've got one of those better-known Michael Maller tracks on my new library rhodes comp, check it out :)

  2. @@I'll post a picture when I finally get my CAM tatoo on my face