Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yan Tregger-Freezing Point-MA CO 501 Marignan Records-1972- HOLY GRAIL Funky Psych

   So yeah this is surprisingly my first Yan Tregger post and I guess no better place than to start than with his first record on the megarare Marignan Records.  I know a bunch of you already know how kickass this man is but for those that don't Yan Tregger (Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio) is one of the most funky outer space dudes there ever was.  I really can't think of any other library musician that shreds as hard as him.   Every release is full of pumped up jams as well as interesting musical moods.  I would consider this his second best record, right behind his L'Illustration Musicale effort," The Pop World Of Yan Tregger" but really everything he's done is goddamn brilliant as long as you like to headbang, haha.  I feel like this was his tryout record, like he had to prove himself, that's why he had to release it on Marignan.  After this I'm sure every Library label wanted some Yan Tregger love, which unfortunately didn't mean tons of exposure but certainly more than the average dude. There's so many dope jams on this, even 7 that I included in my Library best playlist.  Bottom line is, you need this shit but unfortunately I can only offer this gem for preview & possible MP3 trade.  Enjoy the soundclip  and refer to this link for information on trading.
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  1. Holy cow... how do you find this stuff!!!
    I've seen Yan Tregger albums up the wazoo, but never this!

    1. I'd love to hear and to get the remainder of the album, of course, but... I have no vinyl of my own.
      What I do have, is a very particular set of skills. Skills I have honed over a great many years. Skills that have... uhh... led me to over 2.6 gb of Library rips going back over ten years.
      All offered VIA SoulSeek. Trust me, I can help you fill in gaps!
      Contact me, please.

  2. Hi
    What album !!!
    I have no trade for you because i'm not a vinyl collector. Just a music lover.
    I've just a copy of Pictures from Yan Tregger. But I suppose you've this pure gem. For me it's the best album from Yan Tregger behind Freezing Point but just before the world of yan tregger.
    I can donate for a copy of your marvellous album on MP3


    Your blog is one of the best actual blogs


  3. Yep, Tregger is brilliant indeed! Choice clips, Chris.

  4. Hi Chris,

    Link is possible ?


  5. Timing No.3 is one of his best in my opinion. Also the Schifters work is pretty sick as well.