Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Group Meeting AKA Marcabru (Luigi & Rino De Filippi)-"Daybreak"-SP 10062 RCA 1976 Jazz Funk Grail!

  Just one of my favorite records to listen to by Marcabru an alias for Luig De Filippi, son of Rino De Filippi.  This one is credited to Luigi solely on SIAE database but most likely done with his father Rino from the sounds of it.  You really can listen to this from start to finish and oh god let me tell you it is rare and pretty impossible to find.  It has that proggy jazz feel that the Filippis  utilizes on most of their beat driven records like the wildcat and pound release.  First we start with the title track "Daybreak" just amazing and beautiful mid tempo awesomeness, crazy melodys abound.  Next we get, "Gleaming" with that up tempo jazz funk sound ever so popular in the mid late 70's, with just the right amount of synth coming in half way through.  "Hermitage" comes off right away sounding like a sophisticated yes.  Next we get the banger "Fancy" just perfection, cray bassline and sax solo with that flat and perfect Filippi drum sound, AHHH, so good!  "Consortship" sounds like Filippi totally going for a yes melody and one of the most Filippi sounding songs on the record, totally essential good vibes.  Then the B side, man if you thought the A side was dope the B side is even better.  "Racer" is unbelievable melodic and proggy.  "Glide" is golden funk"  "Afield" is back to that melodic Filippi good vibes style.  "Loose" is by far my favorite jam on here, and perhaps top 5 Filippi jams, that crazy technical jazzy piano riff and the insane drumming, whoah.  Last song of note is, "Meek" the most chilled out and stony jam on here, shit what were they smoking in Italy back then, damn!
  To say I enjoy this record is an understatement, next time it hits the market don't sleep and better go big cause it's not everday you see this bad boy.  Enjoy the soundclips and if you don't don't mind a low quality sound it is on youtube in its entirety but if you can, trust me seek out the vinyl it's so worth it!  Chris Tillotson                             TRADE HERE!


  1. Hi Chris !!! This album is monstrous and I look for a long time. Can you give me a download link ? thank you;


  2. 1000thanks - another gem, another fascinating piece of great music!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Great album.
    We've discussed this before, but I thought I might point out to others that "Marcabru" is not actually an alias of Rino de Filippi, but violinist Luigi de Filippi.

    Thanks again,

  4. Thanks for sharing all these great records and thanks for the great sounding rips too! I love your blog, you've got excellent taste. Here is a pretty obscure 7" you might be interested in. I just posted it on my blog a few minutes ago. Hope you dig it.

    - Eric

  5. Not Rino de Filippi, but Luigi de Filippi ... thank you for post it !!!

  6. Just like the Wildcat release I like many others believe it's Rino De Filippi. I saw Recently a user created a Discogs page for the artist Luigi De Fillipi and credited Marcabru to him. You can see Luigi De Filippi's website here He is clearly a classical violinist active in the 90's who does not credit either of these 3 releases in his discography or anything close to the jazz funk style of these 3 records. It is a fact that many songs off the Wildcat release are also on Ritmicolor which is clearly credited to only Rino De Filippi and has a very similar style to Daybreak and Momenti. So knowing that you are saying a guy with the same last name decided to record on similar labels as Rino and copy his sound, never putting his name on the records and not crediting them on his own website. I feel it far more likely that Rino made these records. The Luigi thing is just a theory that some people took as fact. Maybe Luigi can chime in and put it to rest, but he did not create his discogs page so you can't take that as proof.

  7. I also want to add that the Luigi De Filippi thing comes from the SIAE Database, that I have looked at, Luigi De Filippi is credited to many records alongside Oronzo De Filippi, on Daybreak Luigi's name appears by itself. The pure coincidence that Luigi recorded all his records with Oronzo except for this one is very unlikely to me. I just chalk it up to the crazy maze of italian library weirdness with all their aliases and such, I choose to use my ears and my ears say Rino. If it is Luigi I would say it's not the classical 90's artist on that website, it was probably Rino's brother or something and Rino had him use his name for legal reasons or something, who knows.