Sunday, September 21, 2014

Raskovich & Various-Visioni-SM 5017 Monte Carlo 197?

    I was always so curious about this one, from the fact that Sorgini was involved and also that insanely dope record cover so I thought I would share a review on it with soundclips for all you fellow collectors out there.  You'll now have more info than I had going into this purchase.  The weird thing is that all the Raskovich songs on here, mainly the whole side B are not good at all, haha, The real gems are from the other composers like, Zoffoli, Matrisciano, and Palmatau.  "Impressioni Suggestive Nocturne" is a tripped out psychotic floater with super dope tape delay throughout.  "Puma Sax"is a melodic synth driven jam with driving drum machine, I love it.  "Visione Fantastica" is a chilled out synth driven song also with drum machine, very beautiful!  So check out the soundclips and you decide if this obscure and rare as hell record is worth your money.
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