Monday, December 1, 2014

Luciano Fineschi-High Fever RCA SP 10067-----1977 Italian Jazz Funk Masterpiece My Rip @320K

   What an amazing record this guy is!  This is the RCA promo only version of April Orchestra RCA Presente Vol.14 pressed in apparently 200 copies only as well as the other RCA SP 10000 series.

   It starts off so strong with, "Challenge" with it's pumped up bass and drums and is that Sergio Farina on the lead guitar, sure sounds like it.  It's followed by "Penthouse" a very psyched out romp of phaser and strings.  To me it doesn't start back up till side B with "Fundamental Low" a perfect soundtrack to an olympics television highlight reel of the 70's.  That's followed by, "High Fever" just a fat and funky classic.  "Bubbles" is obviously the best track here, I mean I thought this record was good up until this point but when this thing came on, I was floored.  Total Psyched out funky perfection and it just gets better as the song goes on, building up perfectly and then falling apart again.   This is followed by "General Market" which although has a pretty weak first 15 seconds turns into a perfect jazz funk track full of amazing bass, drums horns and sax.

   As I said before this record is much more easily obtained on the April Orchestra Label for much cheaper as well, though with a different cover and perhaps pressing quality.  So check out the discogs availability and prices for both here Discogs   and enjoy my rip @320K    GET IT HERE!   Chris


  1. I have a rip of the standard issue of April Orchestra #14, but gee... I guess I never got around to listening to it.
    Silly me!

    1. Yeah man it happens, and most those April Orchestra's are pretty forgettable anyways, standouts are obviously Puccio Roelens, this one and the Gianni Marchetti.

    2. Hello Chris,
      Would you mind remarking what album by Gianni Marchetti you mean?
      Is the album on April Orchestra or another label?
      Thanks for all the gems shared here.

    D.J. ChinaBlack

  3. Thank you Chris, don't know this one!

  4. hi chris,
    just found your amazing blog m8!
    I love jazz/funk.
    used to be a dance scene over here in England from 78 to 84,then developed into acid jazz!
    thanks for the drop and all your hard work!

    1. Awesome Alex, glad you're finding stuff you dig and yeah I bet that was quite a scene back in the day wish I could of been there

  5. Masterpiece is right. Haven't heard this one before. Thanks for all your efforts Chris. You're good people.

  6. Wonderful! Thanks for this upgrade. This is the first time I've ever seen the rear of that sleeve to date, too.