Friday, December 26, 2014

Gianni E I Suoi Solisti (Gianni Mazza)-Musica Del Mare-SMAG 05 Magma 197? Another Magma Grail!

   This one translates to Music of The Sea, which in some ways is very true of the overall sound of the record but don't mix it up there are still some very heavy funk prog jams to be had here.  All the songs are by Gianni Mazza, V. De Scalzi, L.Lagorio, & M.Catalano.  The First two jams are beautiful soaring piano & synth songs with no drums but are still very awesome indeed.  Then comes "Riding" which is funk prog all the way, heavy & funky first part and beautiful prog chords on second part.  This is immediately followed by my personal favorite, "Volo E Vela" man just so heavy when that synth shredding comes in, ouch!  Some chill beats on,"Giardini" & "Ritorno" Also to note is the dark prog beats of, "Liguria" with its amazing  chorus vocals throughout.   Another amazing record in the Magma SMAG catalog and insanely rare!  Check the 2 songs and Trades excepted. Chris

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  1. The year is 1976: :-)