Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Check out my top 5 records at Krossfingers!

    Krossfingers asked me to compile a list of my top 5 records. As impossible that list is I tried my best, because as always, I take everything too serious, so if you care to know what I think are my top 5 records I own are and of course they are almost all Italian library except for one Italian soundtrack, then head over and check it, obviously check the other entry's as well, especially my man Scott's (Spaziale) entry.  Special thanks to my beautiful wife, Cristina for taking pics!                             Chris's Top 5     Scott's Top 5     Cheers, Chris Tillotson


  1. Please upload Jean-Philippe Goude ‎– Meli-Melodies and Jean-Philippe Goude ‎and Jean-Philippe Goude ‎– Sur Un Air De Gymnastique

  2. Thanks, enjoyed looking at both Top 5 lists and am happy to learn of their Tempo libero LP. Will be keeping my eyes and ears open. And after reading the write-up (and finding the track on YouTube), I too am now a fan of Betty and Beverly Prudhomme's "Tut Tut Twins."--have had a hard time removing Paolo Ormi's double-sided masterpiece from the same era, "Coco secco"/"No, No, No," which is definitely in my Top 5 of the last couple of months.