Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jacky Giordano - "Timing N.1" - Timing - 197? French Library masterpiece! MY RIP @320K

  This record is no stranger to many library collectors or just collectors in to big ass beats.  The whole side A is just killer!  "Cite" is a monster, with that classic Giordano sound, essential!  "Tablasse" is perfect, every element dialing in that perfect french funk sound.  "Jumba" takes the "Tablasse" riff and speeds it up into a much longer jam out sesh full of jazz wanderings.  "Motion" eventually works its way into undeniable funky territory full of wah wahs and jazzy trumpets.  "Alti" might be the most melodic jam here, even if it's a strange melody, haha, and incredibly funky and driving it is.
Unfortunately the first 4 songs on side B by Stephane Grappelli & Francis Personne are pretty boring jams that have nothing to do with the vibe on sibe A, which if this were different, this record would be absolutely perfect, oh well, no need to nit pick, just move on to "Cool" a pretty playful funky vibe and "Orient Express" which mixes up the time signature to give an off kilter and stony jazz funk feel.
            I said before that Timing 6 was my favorite Timing record and that is still true but that's only because I choose great melody and song structure over great big beats every time but this record is a god damn monster and a very close second in my book and definitely the hardest Timing to put your hands on, took me a bit at least.
    As the previous rip that was floating around was in mono (many computer rip software defaults to mono for some reason,) this is a nice upgrade for many I'm hoping. Ripped from my personal collection @320K stereo enjoy!   Chris Tillotson        GET IT HERE!


  1. Some funky tracks very good,thanks for shared!


  2. Thanks much! A pre-DeWolfe "Timing," to be sure.

  3. Looking forward to hearing! Thank you!

  4. Thanks for a great share!!!!

  5. Thank You Chris! Greetings From Germany.

  6. Big thanks for this upgrade Chris!

  7. thanks
    great album
    When I can ( I have no material to rip from vinyl) I'll up for you another great Gem from Tregger : Magnum


    1. Thanks for the offer, I have magnum too, probably post it in the near future