Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gianni E I Suoi Solisti (Gianni Mazza & Various) - Sensazioni D' Estate - SMAG 06 Magma

This one is by the same composers as SMAG 05 led by Gianni Mazza.  Only 4 of these songs contain drums, the rest is beautiful laid back melodic synth jams featuring harmonica.  Lets talk about the drum songs, cause that's the exciting stuff right,haha.  A2 "Elba" is definitely the dopest track here and the reason most people would buy this record.  It is just perfect laid back grooves to blaze one to, haha, incredible fluting and brass.  "Gargano" is melodic prog jam led by piano and harmonica, very beautiful.  "Neon" is another highlight which takes a while to build up but eventually blossoms into a great funky flute groove, I only included the end of that song in my soundclip to give you an idea if you need to seek this one out.  As Always Trades accepted and enjoy the clips.  Chris

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  1. Hi, would love copy of this if possible. Got plenty of flac library rips if (KPM, Bruton etc.), hit me up if your game to trade. Thanks.