Sunday, March 1, 2015

Orchestra Giulio Libano - "I Musicals" - DVG STL 7306 - Devega -1972 Italian Holy Grail Library!

     This is one very amazing record from the Italian Library label, Devega.  From start to finish it is astonishing, along with Giulio Libano there are also songs by D.Haensch,Vanerden, Rino De Filippi, Fabio Fabor & Ipress.  Modern Sound Quartet member Massimo Verardi adds lead guitar to most of the tracks creating a nice cohesiveness to the entire thing.  Also the Alessandroni type scat vocals  bring everything together as well.
          While Side A is truly great with songs like Libano's, "Mach 48" and Filippi's "Sensazioni Primaverili", I feel side B is the best play through for me.  "Jai Alai" by Haensch,Vanerden is one of the dopest jams I've heard in a while, perfect chords, beats and guitar tone.  "Mandoleggiando" by Fabio Fabor has a killer psych guitar solo, gave me chills for sure!  Luckily you can buy this digitally from Itunes or Amazon for only $5.99 as well as other Devega records like the very sought after Joy Unlimited record as the Devega label has made them available for purchase.  I believe they call it Mach 48 on the digital release, so hope you can find it from google search.  Check the soundclips ripped from my own collection.  Chris



  1. excellent, ta! (and you're right - the Amazon download is called Mach 48 - £5.49 here in the UK). Bought the Braen's Machine 'Underground' last night, too, on your recommendation - incredibly good!

  2. A new library music site was born ;-)

    Check it out:

  3. any chance you could post nilovic - Power on briand?

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