Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Palmino Pia -"Ballabili Vari" - Usignolo UST 184 Italian Scat Disco & Bossa Library

           Quite amazing Usignolo here by Palmino Pia who before this record was completely unknown to me.  The record is dated 1983 but doesn't really have any of the bothersome cheesy sounds you might expect from an 80's library aside from some slap bass and such, which actually sounds super dope here.  Side A starts out with the disco funk "Apricot Day" a very Italian Scat vocal outing.  Things get stony and mellow with "South Coast" what an amazing opening scat vocal with those chord changes,damn.  Full orchestra and brass accompany the rest of this beautiful song.  A couple more nice easy bossa, jazz songs fill out the remainder of side A.  Then the heat turns up on side B, "Atmos" is one of the best funky disco jams I've heard in a while.  Killer beat and melody right from the start.  The scat vocals here are extremely in your face, very dry and animated.  My favorite part is when the flute breaks come around, turning it into a Womens Colours type sound, incredible.  "Karma" is a nice prog disco jam with a few different movements escalating into dope scat melodies.  "Easy Disco" is pretty cheesy disco but still a nice listen full of guitar solos and orchestra.
                After doing a quick google search on Mr. Pia I found this sight with a brief history of his work, check it out HERE 
               If you are familiar with these Usignolo records then you know how confusing and lengthy the catalog is.  This one is part of the UST 100 series which starts in the 70's and rolls into the 80's, Some of the best Usignolos were recorded in this series like the Claudio Valle, Bembo, and the Giuliano Sogni one.  As more of these records are becoming more aware to the public, Usignolo Fonit is becoming one of the most mysterious and sought after Italian label there is.  While there are plenty of uninteresting records found throughout the catalog, the amount of heat pouring out of this label is quite staggering.  MP3 Trades Accepted      Enjoy the soundclips ripped from my personal collection Chris Tillotson

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