Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shobeki,Gigante,Boneschi,Mitridate,Calworth "Big Band Scene" MSE 134 Music Scene 197?

   Yes sir, here is one of the most sought after Music Scene releases and for good reason.  Side A is where it's at with this one.  Discogs lists Shobeki as an alias for Gigante which is strange that he would use his name and alias on the same record but I honestly haven't looked to verify.  Anyway the whole side A is by Shobeki/Gigante and it starts off with "Road To Frisco" a nice pupmped up jazzy big band accompaniment.  The real treat is "Lazy Night Man" which is an alternate version of Frisco but much more to my taste, slowed down to a stony speed with amazing synth over, love it.  "Native Land" is ultimate Libaek/Kirchin style exploration with a nice fat soothing synth line accompaniment.  "Waltzing Car" is another hit with its pumped up drums and dope synth.  Unfortunately for me the whole side B is generic big band stuff, played well no doubt but not unique to my ears.  I want my library music to not sound like library music, you know what I mean.  So check the couple jams I'm sharing ripped from my collection and MP3 TRADES accepted as always.Chris Tillotson

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  1. blew my mind....once again. oh my god.