Sunday, December 8, 2013

Isao Tomita "Catastrophe 1999" OST 7'' 1974 Toho AT-1069 Ripped@320K Epic Space Funk Masterpiece!

   Here is the 7 in. version of the soundtrack for "Catastrophe 1999"  the 2 songs on here are shorter versions of the incredibly long versions found on the full length.  Side A is so killer and definitely a favorite for me, it has everything I want in music, from the eerie cosmic vibe ,acid drenched chorus, to the epic mood shifts.  And just when you think it can't get any better a nice wah guitar solo kicks in.  Side B is also a very solid jam reminding me of Italian soundtracks of the time.  The movie, also known as "Prophecies Of Nostradamus" is a sci-fi, horror movie about the end of the world and was considered a very controversial movie at the time due to its depiction of nuclear survivors as humanoid freaks.  The 12 in version and this version are very rare and very different from each other, I myself still need to track down the full length, but in the meantime please enjoy this from my personal collection and ripped @320K.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson