Monday, December 9, 2013

"Weighty & Solid and Heavy & Light" Harmonic Music Library -CBO 665 "1973" Psych Library Masterpiece!

   Yes!!!! just got this today and it is quite the library.  I've heard very few Harmonic records but now I want to hear them all, HA HA.  Almost the whole record is killer, fuzz guitar, funk drums, experimental psych and perfect early 70's production!  Midway through "In Calcutta" I knew I had made a good choice picking this up.  "Hell For Leather" is just insane, makes me want to bust out the Fuzz Factory guitar pedal and get crankin and "Defloration II" is just brilliant, one of the best songs I've heard in a while!  I don't know if this record has been shared before or if it's holy grail status but it is to me and I just had to share it.  From my personal collection @320K enjoy! Thanks, Chris Tillotson                  GET IT HERE!


  1. Thanks a lot Chris for this.
    It's like a circus of styles, simply wonderful.
    Don't think it has been posted before.
    The three tracks by A.Linstaedt personal fav of mine.



  2. Another great post mate!

  3. great LP
    thanx Chris
    new one to me

  4. sounds really promising.
    yet another great pick. thanks for posting.

  5. No WAY! I haven't seen a trace of this since Jack Diamond sold a copy on his site a million years ago. Marching Robots forever! Thanks, Chris -- you are on fire!

  6. Thanks very much Chris!
    Nice blog you have here.

  7. Helll yeah glad everyone's digging, this is still by far my favorite new find.

  8. Thanks, this record and your blog are bananas!!!

  9. Fantastic stuff. "Calcutta" (actually "In Kalkutta III") is by a embryonic form of Can (I. Schmidt = Irmin Schmidt) from the soundtrack to the film 'Kamasutra'. It was (re?) issued on CD a few years back, and I think is still readily available--and it's great all the way through (much of it consisting on jams on this central melody). I'm sure you're already a big Can fan, but you'll really dig the whole record. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah man, definitely a big can fan. I should of put that together, but I don't have a copy of that soundtrack. Great info though and I will definitely seek it out. Big thanks