Friday, January 10, 2014

Bruno Nicolai "Paolo & Francesca" 1971 Gemelli GG 10-005

  This Nicolai soundtrack contains 1 of my favorite jams ever, "Din Giorno In Giorno", probably the best classicaly styled garage jam ever.  Just 4 elements, dirty electric guitar, combo organ, jazz kit, and electric bass and it sounds like it's recorded with 1 mic in the center of the room.  I can just imagine the intensity in the room when they laid this thing down, just listen to the heaviness and passion in those rhythm guitar strokes in the middle part, just putting all punkers to shame haha.  "Rosso Sul Lago" is just classic Nicolai, minor chord groove falling into a beautiful wordless coo chorus.  There are some other good shake style songs on here as well.  This is the second Gemelli pressing from 1978 i believe,  Ripped @320K from my personal collection, enjoy!   Thanks, Chris Tillotson         GET IT HERE!


  1. Great, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for all these italian beauties Chris.



  3. Thank you Chris, for sharing another fine upgrade!

  4. No tienes el Disco Bruno Nicolai - El Cristo del Oceano?

  5. Thanks Chris... love the post. Thought you may have moderate curiosity in my cover of this tune --

    1. Wow this is amazing Endless love! I actually always wanted to cover this as well, such a fun one and beautiful! Great job