Friday, January 3, 2014

Rino & Luigi De Filippi "Giardino Dei Miei Desideri" Wildcat 113 197? @320K

   So, for my first post of 2014, I present to you a very nice Rino & Luigi De Filippi album on the impossibly rare italian library label, Wildcat.  So if you don't know Luigi is Rino's son.  Filippi's album, Oriente Oggi was actually one of the first Italian records I ever heard and I've been maxed pumped on him ever since.   Just like Alessandroni, no matter how proggy the time signatures or ideas get, his melodic sense always remains constant.  The record starts off ridiculously strong with, "L'Erba Di Prima", which is one of the best Filippi songs I've ever heard, so gangsta!   Then we get 3 very beautiful jazzy piano driven songs before getting back to the beats.  "Phil Armonia" is just brilliant and "Scie Luminose" is about as tasteful as prog can get.  All in all just a very solid record from one of the most solid composers ever!  Also, if anyone can give me some info on Wildcat 115, as I know nothing about it and there seems to be no info on the net.  So enjoy this from my personal collection ripped @320K.  Happy New Year!  Chris Tillotson       GET IT HERE!


  1. The greatest rarest lp posted this years!!!!! Killa The Librarian

  2. Yeah, super record here.
    Thanks a lot Chris.


  3. HI
    well in this case is an error of talking of Rino De Filippi: if you see well it is credited to R. AND L. De Filippi.
    I know this record belong to two brothers composers of background music in Turin, Roberto and Lorenzo De Filiippi, gravitating in music scene since early 80 and wildcat is their personal label.
    A simple case of omonimum names wich didn't cut or add a crumb to the listening pleasure.


    1. Wow I've only ever seen this album credited to Rino De Filippi. And it doesn't help that the song style is very much like Rino De Filippi as well. Very Coincidental, it's hard to believe the R doesn't stand for Rino. But Thanks for the info on Wildcat and the Filippi brothers as these small italian labels are so mysterious especially to people like me who live in the USA.

    2. Don't believe this guy. According to the SIAE database, this music is composed by Rino (Oronzo) & Luigi de Filippi. They have no record of any "Roberto" or "Lorenzo" de Filippi.

  4. Thank you, Chris!!! Where else would I hear records like these? Rare and fantastic music! Thank you for the discoveries and work involved!!!