Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Peter Thomas "Sound Music Album 5" Golden Ring S 5051-23 Psych Masterpiece @320K

  The best thing you can hope for on ebay is that the seller doesn't realize what he has.  Such was the case with this record.  They not only mislabeled it but also priced it the same giveaway price as the other mediocre sound music albums they were offering.  I guess they didn't realize they were possessing one of the absolute rarest and finest psych records to ever come out of library music.  Many of you have already experienced this masterpiece but for those that haven't, Oh snaps, this thing is heavy.  It's all about Side A, every jam is golden, fuzz funk mayhem!  I wonder if he put the octofuzz guitar through his synthesizer, cause that's how it sounds to me, so unique and badass.  "Astral Snow" is so crazy with that sub bass coming out the left channel and that insane bass line, what?  "Spindle"  is one of the funnest experimental funk jams ever.  "Coordinates Meeting" sounds like some gangsta space aliens came to get gnarly.  Many would say Klaus Weiss has the best Golden Ring stuff, but I think this record is Golden Ring's finest moment.  Peter Thomas must have been possessed by an outer space fuzz demon to make this kind of shit.  So enjoy my rip @320K from my personal collection.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson


  1. Thanks you for sharing this record,

  2. Super cool upload and I always love to read your reviews! :)

  3. haha man! just experienced the same. found this one and four (!) other volumes at the flea market in the 2 € crate. can't believe still

  4. Wow. Peter Thomas is my favorite film composer of all time. Thank you so much for sharing all of these rare albums. Amazing!