Thursday, January 23, 2014

Peter Thomas "Electronic Water" Golden Ring A 30 021 RM 197? Rip @320K

  Another rad record by Peter Thomas.  This one sounds a bunch like the "Happy And Crazy Music" releases by Alberto Baldan Bembo & David Perian.  The song that stands out to me though is, "Milky Way" which sounds more like a Jacky Giordano jam or something.  I was really curious to how this record was gonna sound based on the lack of hype around it, but it is thankfully super dope.  As always the production is just amazing and the synth sounds are superb!  Thomas is obviously just having tons of fun in the studio, not going completely into outer space, just writing music for stony dog walks.  My favorite time for music was when psych prog bands first started experimenting with synths, the synths just accompany the arrangements like they're a flute or something.  In the 80's till current. it seems you're either an electronic artist or a band, no in-between.  Peter Thomas does this really well, like all the other moogploitation albums of the time, he's highlighting his new toy around funk and jazz.  Also check the pics from the inner sleeve with all the other Golden Ring releases, super nice.  Enjoy from my personal collection ripped @320K.  Thanks,Chris Tillotson     GET IT HERE!



  1. Thank you Chris, great share.


  2. Thanks, can't wait to listen to this. Seems to me, you have a very interesting collection of discs..... (just judging from the latest shares).

  3. sounds tight n' fresh.
    thanks for posting.