Monday, March 3, 2014

Jacky Nodaro (Jacky Giordano)& Various-Timing N.5-Timing 197? My Rip @320K

  Very weird record by Jacky Nodaro, AKA Jacky Giordano.  This stuff almost reminds me of Rino De Filippi's crazy melodic,prog funk style.  Bottom line for me though is, I absolutely love this shit.  The crazy thing about Giordano is you know right away it's him, I don't care if he calls himself Barak Obamanos, you know when you hear those drums and psych lo-fi recordings, you're getting down with some Jose Pharos.  First off you got "Furtif" that just builds on a hi hat and distorted bass with some Filippi style flute melodies.  Then you get a joyous mccartney funky jam with a kick drum that belongs in a 90's pop punk song, What!!! Next we got "Desinvolte" which is my 2nd fav jam on here, just listen to that intro, that's the vibe I want to live in every day!  "Off Tune" is just amazing, it gets me super pumped even with no snare drum hits.  My Favorite though is "Mignonne" by Bernard Hilda & Pierre Gossez, with it's ever so sample able intro followed by doo doo's that will ease anyone's ears, just perfect.  I will say that a bunch of the jams are nothing to amazing but hey, that's library.
Please enjoy my rip @320K from my personal collection.  Thanks, Chris Tillotson


  1. Thanks Chris !!!


  2. Greatt Chris !!!

  3. Thanks alot Chris,

    Do you have an instrumental library disc for TV & Radio with a track called BROTHER LOUIE possibly on an album named Synthesizer Hits?

    Also searching for any TV & Radio library albums by Werner Twardy (T.W Ardy) and in particular tracks called Bornfree and The Look Of Love.

    Plus any library albums used for TV & Radio you may have come across with Non Ho L'eta in it's selection.


  4. Man these shits are so rare, I hope you keep your collection very safely ! Thanks for sharing !

  5. Nice library stuff here. Thanks.

  6. w0Oo that (Black Sea) is one sexy mfer
    thanx again Chris
    another beauty