Sunday, March 16, 2014

La Casa Di Omicidio "Self Titled" 2014 "Italian Horror Soundtrack inspired Group"

  So I was sent a promo email to check out this new release of a long lost 1979 Italian Horror movie entitled, "La Casa Di Omicidio" released by Active Listener Records.  When I finally got around to listening to it, 2 things were very apparent, No this was not recorded in 1979 and damn this shit is dope, haha.  All the songs are by Jeff Rose & Noah Poole with help from Sean Campbell & Amarin Enyart and it seems to be a one off recording project.  They list their influences as Goblin, John Carpenter and King Crimson.  I do hear some of that as far as the electronics go but where as Goblin & Crimson have shredding prog drumming, this drumming is very stoned and vibey.  Because of that, it reminds me more of another horror soundtrack, "Le Frisson Des Vampires" By the teenage group Acanthus, which I absolutely love.  My 2 fav tracks are "Osse di Diavolo (En, Relic)" with its ridiculously awesome chorus synth sound followed by stoned out horror disco.  Also "L'Omicidio Euphorbia Milli (En, Cactus Murder)" simply because it has a guitar solo at the end and I absolutely love hearing people shred and this one's got a bunch of feeling! Bottom line is this band is worth your time and I wish more bands were doing this cause I might actually go out and see shows again, haha.  Currently this release is only available in digital format and you can buy it here  So show your support and buy it!


  1. It's great to hear more and more bands having influences from the world of cult soundtracks and library music. And also, these guys are doing their own material, not just another tribute things. Err...oups, shooting in my own foot. ;) haha!
    I got this album from The Active Listener digital label. The label is a great initiative from Nathan Ford, he seems to have a good flair for these kind of indie bands.
    I would like to suggest another band, if you don,t already know them : Tredici Bacci. A complete orchestra leads by Simon Haines playing easy groove à la Morricone like it's the real things from '72!

    1. Yeah I agree Frank, it's great to hear more people taking influence from soundtrack & Library. I wasn't aware of Tredici Bacci but I really liked it, very classy bossa sounds a la Morricone like you said. Thanks for the heads up!