Saturday, January 31, 2015

Domenico Di Vito (Oscar Lindok) - Immagini E Colori - DDA1 Aris-1974 Golden!!!!!!!!

   Here is one very special record by Oscar Lindok AKA Giacomo Dell'Orso and husband to iconic singer Edda Dell'Orso.  Absolutely top notch, next level shit, from prog to spaced out bossa to dark side of the moon stretchings.  Record starts off with "Immagini E Colori" a proggy gem for sure, shifts between acoustic guitar and rockin organ parts.  "Spensieratamente" might be the best song here with it's signature Lindok synths over a bossa beat that is just absolutely amazing.  "Storia A Lieto Fine"  is a beautiful and melodic funk jam, reminding of a glorious drive with no traffic.  "Verso Il Domani" I just love, like a futuristic 50's pop song with amazing synth lines, yet I can see how someone might take it as cheesy, but it just hits me perfectly.  "Terra Amara" has no drums but no problem making an impact.  It has a similar style to those classic Dark Side Of The Moon songs I love so much.  "Senza Problemi" is an amazing proggy tribal jam with tape echo for days!  Bottom line if you are a fan of this man, this one is essential and if you know Aris Librarys or Soundtracks (Lingua D' Argento, Calamo) it is mega rare and rarely comes up for sale.  This one's not even on discogs yet!  Check out a couple songs and MP3 Trades accepted as always.  Chris Tillotson


  1. Nice stuff, wow! Nice to see some credited musicians too.

    A little factual correction: Domenico di Vito is not an alias of Giacomo dell'Orso, but all the tracks on the album are co-written by Gianni dell'Orso, (Pietro) Giacomo dell'Orso and and Nicola Procopio.

    1. Cool, probably taken from SIAE right, Main thing is Oscar Lindok sound is very present here especially synth wise. I wouldn't necessarily say the song style is consistent with some of his others as his Fast Machine record sounds like the Italian Yan Tregger but the pitch shifting synth is on both.

  2. That bossa synth track is crazy :)

  3. Hi, sir, can this album be passed to me? Thank you, my email:

  4. Hi Chris, I'd be curious to hear this album. Do youo think it is something you are willing to share?

  5. Chris, hi. It's been about 3 years now, would you please possibly be able to post a link here? Thanks very much!