Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Remigio Ducros & Luciano Simoncini - America Amore Amaro - MPS 3015 Edipan

This is the first of the holy edipan trinity, "Riflessi", "Research Of Sound" & "America Amore Amaro" and mighty and great it is!  Everyone by now should be quite familiar with these 2 artists, as they have released some of the best funky library music ever recorded.  This one is super solid from start to finish and one of the rarest Italian librarys out there.  The song titles are for the most part named after american landmarks and cities, so many of these Italian records were obsessed with USA.  Trust me it is hard to choose but for me the best track is "Niagra Falls" the stoniest groove ever, and also "Magnolia Boulevard".  I've recorded these 2 tracks so you can sample the greatness. And next time you see it for sale be quick cause last time it went for auction, prices went crazy high.   Trades accepted.  Chris


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