Sunday, January 18, 2015

Various-Moods For Orchestra- CBG 666 Harmonic- 1976 Unexpected Dopeness from the most demonic Harmonic!

  I got into these Harmonics a while back and haven't posted much on my findings.  Anyways yes there are some treasures found .  One of em was a surprise, I thought I needed to get like Themes in Beat and stuff like that but let's not forget Moods For Orchestra a forgotten gem among them.  Coming right on the heels of 665 which is a monster for sure, this one has most characteristics of a rad library, crazy drums, amazing song writing and dope vibes no doubt.  Let me talk about the best jams, "Full Action" is all about the drums, god damn awesome.  Built around the big band, the drums take on a life all there own on this one.  "Hard Work" is the classic fuzz funk groover sought after by all the beat heads with its organ and fuzz guitar freakouts.  For me the best jams are towards the end, "Fata Morgana"  is just amazing, not a negative thing to be said about this perfect jam with its Sven Libaek vibes.  "Love Cage" is also in the same vein, slow groove with perfect orchestration throughout.  I recently played a bunch of records for a friend, many of what I consider holy grail Italians and this one too.   This is the one he couldn't stop talking about! Enough said!  I am offering this one in its entirety so please enjoy and I ripped this one before I got my VPI machine so please excuse the noise in the quiet parts and if you collect old records and don't own one, I strongly suggest saving your money and buying one, the difference is incredible.  Currently the going price of this is extremely affordable so.....My rip from my own collection as always, Chris


  1. hi Chris,

    Killer groove, thanks !!!



  2. These early Charles Brull editions are really wonderful to hear. Thanks for this latest upload Chris!

  3. This is just fantastic, thanks so much Chris.