Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Marcabru (Rino & Luigi De Filippi) - Momenti- ORL 40012 Otter Records The most elusive De Filippi Holy Grail Library!

Updated, I had to go through and update my Marcabru posts because of the recent info me and my buds have uncovered that Luigi De Filippi does exist and that he is the son of Rino and they worked on records together.  The extent to who did what is up to you and your ears until I get the word from Luigi.  This record unlike Daybreak is credited to both, confused yet, haha.
   Now let's get to the music here, the record starts with, "Fiaccole Vive" which you know as "Splendida Luce" from Ritmicolor.  This is the original release of this track and as you know is proggy Filippi greatness with soaring synth and electric piano over incredible drumming.  The last track, "Spinta Ritmica" is actually the same song but with drums and percussion only, essential for break beat enthusiasts.  "Accensione" is a spinet and acoustic guitar driving song, with pumped up drums and brass in the traditional Filippi style.  Now track three, "Ricordo" is by E Zoffoli who you might recognize from the Sorgini, Monte Carlo record I  posted a while back and is dark prog with synth and drums, very awesome.  "Strade" you know as "Percorsi" from the Ritmicolor record and is amazing spinet prog funk.  "La Notte Guarda" is a beautiful piano and synth driven progger with drums, so good!  The hit song, "Stelle In Terra" is a weird bossa prog jam, that is perfectly melodic with that classic Filippi sound.  "Bagliori" is another one worth noting, sounds like it came right off the Daybreak record, perfect driving funk drums with piano, synth and organ throughout, awesome!   The other few jams are pretty good but get kinda goofy for my taste, all feature spinet and sound very Rino still.
  I called this the most elusive Rino De Filippi holy grail, I should say one of the most, when is the last time you saw "Temi Ritmici E Dinamici" or "Atmosphere" on Fonit  "for sale, shit they're all pretty elusive aren't they, haha.  The key being Holy Grail, which does not mean just rare, it means fantastic listening experience which I know is relative but if you're reading my blog you know I mean not drony experimental stuff or classical meanderings , I mean goosebump inducing beat driven music of a unique quality, not necessarily hip hop beats,  you know the stuff that sells for ridiculous prices, haha.  Though you can find goosebump inducing music for cheap, holy grail means it can potentially  take you years to find it, thus meaning it is fricken rare, not 5 copies for sale on discogs.  I feel that should be the generic meaning of Holy Grail and anything else should be classified as personal holy grail, but hey that is my perspective.  Anyways I have vented enough for one evening check out the soundclips and trades are welcome.  Enjoy from my personal collection, Chris
Update 1/25/15- Well me and some buddies have succeeded in contacting Luigi De Filippi from his website and it is confirmed he is indeed, Rino De Filippi's son!  He said he used the name Marcabru and worked with his father on library records.  I along with a couple other enthusiasts are trying to put together an interview with this man for the blog.  Stay tuned!


  1. ''Stelle in terra'' is nice song,thanks for share this rare songs.


  2. Very great Chris, we appreciate your investigation on Rino De Filippi and the information you give about these 'holy grail' and it's quite obvious with the songs linking to 'Ritmicolor' album and the music style signature that we have our man. People must be cautious when they gather information here and there on the internet and they create Discogs profile of artist, especially for library music. I just googled 'Luigi de Filippi' and there is obviously some confusion with that guy. That Luigi de Filippi is a contemporary violin player and classical music composer, principally active in the 2000's and has nothing to do with 70s prog-funk library. Some people seems to be very stubborn with the fact that "Giardino Dei Miei Desideri" is credited to R&L de Filippi, so the 'L' must be someone else than Rino de Filippi. Well, we know how confusing can be the aliasing with Italian Library and the 'L' could have been put there for Rino's dog and who knows what workaround he was trying to make with SIAE or publishing right.
    You know the story I told you about that guy who wrote me saying my cover of Rino de Filippi was not from Rino but 'A&R' de Filippi, and then he was trying to explain me who was A&R (some brothers or I don't know) and then I replied telling him all the common songs between "Giardino Dei Miei Desideri' and 'Ritmicolor', and that there was no other possible conclusion the prior was from Rino de Filippi. We all agree he also used the name Oronzo sometime (meccanizzazzione), which is maybe is real born name, and Rino being a diminutive. So why all this shit because he puts R&L on another record?
    Well, anyway, most people and collectors from the library community are usually pretty rigorous but there is still so many mysteries to solve.

    Hey, by the way, that song Stella in Terra is very badass and Filipesque ! :)

    1. Thanks for your input Frank, as you know I completely agree with you. The main issue where this all starts is that the name Luigi is included with Oronzo's in the SIAE Database. Thankfully we have the Ritmicolor record to set it all straight, I know most people interested in buying Daybreak or Momenti will eventually come across my blog and read this review instead of just taking the discogs info for granted and try and get some well deserved recognition for one of the greatest italian composers,Rino De Filippi for two of the greatest Italian Librarys.

    2. I know our opinions differe here, but I think you are both completely disregarding the collaborative aspect of this. These compositions are not necessarily credited to a single author. Library records are notoriously ambiguous about writing credits and performers.

      Let me just clarify what SIAE lists as the authors for the albums in question:
      Giardino di miei desideri - All tracks by Oronzo De Filippi / Luigia Sordini / Luigi De Filippi, ed. Leonardi/Two Nuns
      Ritmicolor - All tracks by Oronzo De Filippi / Luigi Bergonzi, ed. Leonardi/I.V.C.
      Momenti - All tracks by Oronzo De Filippi / Luigia Sordini / Luigi De Filippi, ed. Leonardi/Two Nuns/La Cascina, except A3 - Two unknown authors, ed. Leonardi/Two Nuns/La Cascina
      Daybreak - All tracks by Luigi De Filppi, ed. Universal Music

      One does not discredit the other, but this is how one can deduce that the alias Marcabru belongs to Luigi De Filippi; Not thusly implying that every record with the name Marcabru means all tracks are solely by Luigi De Filippi, but how, similarly to Ritmicolor, where Rino De Filippi is the only one credited, compositions were by three people, whereof only one is credited on the release.

      The Discogs community may have listed the wrong Luigi De Filippi on their pages, but a person by that name is credited in the SIAE rights database, this is fact.

  3. And the other side, haha. Let's use our ears here, a song like "Gleaming" "Fancy" off Daybreak is almost the exact style as the Ritmicolor & Momenti jams. and the whole Daybreak record has the exact drum recording and drummer as Momenti (Ritmicolor). So even SIAE credits Oronzo on Momenti and if you use your ears it's obviously the same composer behind this. Go further take songs off Situazioni & Riflessi & Insiemestica, all by Oronzo, they all totally back up the same sound. Where as records such as "Favole Per OGni Eta" "World At Work" "Aspetti Sociali" go together with a more acoustic instrument approach but sound similar to what would come later, strange rhythms with off putting keyboard melodic stabs often using a harpsichord or spinet, yet sometimes with a more funky vibe. All library records or records in general are collaborative unless played solely by one artist, Rino lives and dominates on both of these records that is obvious. No disrepect meant by my ranting, just trying to get props back for my main man Rino De Filippi, just check the vid, haha!

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